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Nokia Series 40 VoIP Client documentation

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Series 40
Created: rebloor (25 Jun 2010)
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Release Notes

Learn how the Nokia Series 40 Voice over IP (VoIP) clients have evolved between v72 and v104. The release note document identifies the main new features implemented for each release and provides references to the relevant technical documentation.

Implementation Specification

These implementation specification documents describe how the Nokia Series 40 Voice over IP (VoIP) implementation fulfills the IETF, 3GPP, ITU, OMA, and other specifications.

Configuration tutorials

These configuration tutorial documents describe the content and structure of the XML-based configuration files used to provision VoIP services on Series 40 devices.

Settings examples

These resources provide examples of the Series 40 VoIP XML-based client provisioning documents. These examples complement the configuration tutorial documents by providing practical examples of the provisioning files.

Device configuration methods

The different device VoIP configuration methods available are explained in IT Manager Guide


A list of phones that include the Nokia Series 40 VoIP client is provided on the VoIP support in Nokia devices page.

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