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Created: tasala (09 Feb 2010)
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Latest version 1.20 of the WordPress Mobile Pack now displays advanced themes for Nokia devices. There are three grades of themes designed for low-, mid-, and high-end Nokia devices, the latter of which also provides full support for other platforms, including Android, iPhone and Palm devices. The theme is based on the Nokia Mobile Web Templates, which includes components and UI styles optimized for mobile devices. For more information, please see


Similar Nokia optimized theme is also available for Drupal Mobile Plug-in. Special features for this theme include

  • Integrated detection of device families (low, mid and high end) specific for Nokia, but supporting many popular devices such as iPhone, Android-based and Palm Pre/Pixi
  • Show different theme features depending on browser capabilities (use accordions to hide areas that are not used frequently, use of shades and CSS to make the look nicer, more)
  • Tweaks for touch devices
  • Specific tweaks for some specific Nokia devices such as the N900

For more information (supporting documentation, installation instructions and video tutorial), please see


Both themes were created together with Nokia Developer.

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