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Normalize string whitespaces with J2ME

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Created: jappit (06 May 2008)
Last edited: lpvalente (27 Dec 2013)

This article demonstrates how to normalize white spaces in strings.

A simple method to normalize String multiple whitespaces (replacing them with a single whitespace). For example, to normalize the String:
"     Normalize    all  whitespaces  "
" Normalize all whitespaces ".

String normalizeWhitespaces(String s)
StringBuffer res = new StringBuffer();
int prevIndex = 0;
int currIndex = -1;
int stringLength = s.length();
String searchString = " ";
while((currIndex = s.indexOf(searchString, currIndex + 1)) >= 0)
res.append(s.substring(prevIndex, currIndex + 1));
while(currIndex < stringLength && s.charAt(currIndex) == ' ')
prevIndex = currIndex;
return res.toString();
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