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To get numbers out of strings, you can use class called TLex. It can be used for example like this:

_LIT(KtxRemoveUniHex			,”0x”);
TInt GetNumberL(const TDesC& aString)
TInt RetNumber(0);
if(aString.Left(2) == KtxRemoveUniHex
&& aString.Length() > 2)
TPtrC aString2(aString.Right(aString.Length() - 2));
TInt err;
TLex aLex;
User::LeaveIfError(aLex.Val(RetNumber, EHex));
TLex MyLex(aString);

As shown in the code with TLex you can also define which numbering system is supposed to be used when converting strings to numbers. Supported numbering systems are:

  • EBinary : Binary numbers
  • EOctal: Octal numbers
  • EDecimal : Decimal numbers
  • EHex : Hexadecimal numbers

If you want to put numbers into strings you can use the functions provided by the TDes-class, i.e. Num & AppendNum,:

TInt Numberr(138);
TBuf<200> Buffer;

As with TLex you can also define the numbering system used when converting numbers to strings.

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