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Created: rathodavinash (30 Jun 2007)
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OPL is an interpreted BASIC-like programming language purpose-built for Symbian OS mobile phones.

In more detail, OPL is an interpreted language that requires a translation phase before execution. OPL consists primarily of the following components:

  1. the runtime (runs on Symbian OS phones)
  2. the translator (runs on Symbian OS phones or as a PC-based tool)
  3. OPLTools (run on a PC)
  4. TextEd (runs on Symbian OS phones to allow for on-target development)
  5. DemoOPL (comprehensive OPL example application)
  6. OPXs (extensions to OPL written in C++ which run on Symbian OS phones)
  7. OPLRSS (language localization tool which runs on PC)

Available for S60/UIQ/S80.

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