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Open C Sockets Overview

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Created: polaka_sr (17 Jun 2008)
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Following are the generic functions for socket interface such as sending and receiving messages from a socket.

  • connect -- Initiates a connection on a socket
  • getpeername -- Gets name of connected peer socket
  • listen -- Listens for connections on a socket
  • recv -- Receives a message from a socket
  • send -- Sends a message from a socket
  • recvfrom -- Receives a message from a socket
  • sendto -- Sends a message from a socket
  • shutdown -- Brings the system down
  • socket -- Creates an endpoint for communication
  • bind -- Bash built-in commands
  • getsockname -- Gets socket name
  • getsockopt -- Gets options on sockets
  • setsockopt -- Sets options on sockets

And following are some of the namespaces used in Open C Socket Interface:

  • if_freenameindex -- Free memory allocated by if_nameindex
  • if_indextoname -- Maps a network interface index to its corresponding name
  • if_nameindex -- Returns all network interface names and indexes
  • if_nametoindex -- Maps a network interface name to its corresponding index

A 3rd-party application needs the NetworkServices capabilities in order to use socket interface functions.

libc.lib should be linked while using the above functions and sys/socket.h should be included.

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