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Open C library

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Created: vvsnaresh (16 Apr 2007)
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Open C library covers more than 75% of the functions contained in the desktop and server standards on which the mobile libraries are based. The implementation includes 100% coverage of libraries containing such mobile-critical features as password hashing (libcrypt), compression (libz), and loading DLLs (libdl).

The provided Open C libraries do not provide any UI functionality.The Symbian UI framework has to be used if you want to provide UI to your application.



Description: The Standard C libraries include standard input/output routines, database routines, bit operators, string operators, character tests and character operators, Data Encryption Standard (DES) encryption routines, storage allocation, time functions, and signal handling.

Open source project: OpenBSD (POSIX APIs)

Functions in standard/original implementation: 782

Functions Implemented: 367


Description: The cryptography libraries contain functions for encrypting blocks of data, messages, and password hashing.

Open source project: OpenSSL

Functions in standard/original implementation: 3

Functions Implemented: 3


Description: The services provided by this library are used by the OpenSSL implementations of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS), and S/MIME, and they have also been used to implement SSH, OpenPGP, and other cryptographic standards.

Open source project: OpenSSL

Functions in standard/original implementation: 3000

Functions Implemented: 2304


Description: This is for loading DLLs.

100% functions implemented


Description: This general-purpose utility library provides, for example, many useful data types, macros, type conversions, string utilities, file utilities, and a main loop abstraction. It works on many UNIX-like platforms, Windows, OS/2, and BeOS.

Open source project: GNOME

Functions in standard/original implementation: 1561

Functions Implemented: 1201


Description: The arithmetical and mathematical functions operate according to the Standard C library.

Open source project:OpenBSD (POSIX APIs)

Functions in standard/original implementation: 299

Functions Implemented: 126


Description: This implements IEEE Std1003.1c (POSIX) standard interface for implementing multiple threads of execution within a traditional user process. It includes thread creation and destruction, an interface to the thread scheduler to establish thread scheduling parameters, and mutex and condition variables to provide mechanisms for the programmer to synchronize access to shared process resources.

Open source project:OpenBSD (POSIX APIs)

Functions in standard/original implementation:94

Functions Implemented: 56


Description: The OpenSSL library implements SSL v2/v3 and TLS v1 protocols.

Open source project:OpenSSL

Functions in standard/original implementation:236

Functions Implemented: 204


Description: The “zlib” compression library provides in-memory compression and decompression functions, including integrity checks of the uncompressed data.

Open source project:LIBZ

Functions in standard/original implementation:43

Functions Implemented: 43


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