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Opening Symbian Video editor from Qt

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Created: teemup (10 May 2011)
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Here in this article we will learn how to launch Video Editor in Symbian^3 Device. We will open the Default Video Editor with a specific video file. This solution will work if a Video editor is present in the device. Any Video editor that is registered as a service will work.You can give a image file instead of the video file and it will still open in the Video editor. If you change KVideoType to be image/jpeg it will open the image editor instead.

If you plan to release the application on some other platform, it is suggested to use #ifdef Q_OS_SYMBIAN .. #endif around the Symbian specific parts (but not in the .pro file).

.PRO file

First step is to include necessary libary in the .pro file's symbian{} section.

symbian {
LIBS += -lservicehandler

Header file

In the header file of the class you plan to launch the request from:

#include <AiwServiceHandler.h>

Inside the class add this member variable:

     CAiwServiceHandler* iAiwServiceHandler;

Source file

In the constructor initialize the member variable and tell it that we will be interested in KAiwCmdEdit-services.

// ...
//Your other code here
iAiwServiceHandler = CAiwServiceHandler::NewL();
RCriteriaArray interest;
//We are interested on all "KAiCmdEdit" types
_LIT8(KAllTypes, "*");
CAiwCriteriaItem* criteria = CAiwCriteriaItem::NewLC(KAiwCmdEdit, KAiwCmdEdit, KAllTypes);
TUid base;
base.iUid = KAiwClassBase;

And remember to reset and delete the variable in the destructor.

if ( iAiwServiceHandler )
delete iAiwServiceHandler;

Then add a method to do the request.

void MyClass::openVideoEditorWithFile(QString file)
CAiwGenericParamList& inputParams = iAiwServiceHandler->InParamListL();
TFileName filename(file.utf16());
TAiwGenericParam param(EGenericParamFile);
TAiwVariant param2Variant;
_LIT( KVideoType, "video/*" );
TAiwGenericParam param2(EGenericParamMIMEType, param2Variant);
iAiwServiceHandler->ExecuteServiceCmdL(KAiwCmdEdit, inputParams, iAiwServiceHandler->OutParamListL());

Fixing the build error

You might get a build error concerning AiwCommon.h To fix it, do one change in it.

IMPORT_C TAiwVariant& TAiwVariant::operator=(const TAiwVariant& aValue);
IMPORT_C TAiwVariant& operator=(const TAiwVariant& aValue);

Download Source Code

The full source code presented in this article is available here

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