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Ovi Publish Payment FAQ

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Created: Nokia Ron (06 Nov 2009)
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Nokia pays revenue share to Publishers on Nokia Store based on the revenues we receive from Credit Card and Carrier billing. The first payout to Nokia Store publishers was for revenue received by Nokia between May 26th and September 30th 2009.

Due to the slower rate of payments made by carriers to Nokia, the payout that went out on October 30th DOES NOT INCLUDE carrier revenue. As such, this first payout will, in some cases, be significantly below the estimated revenue shown in the Ovi Publish tool. Going forward, Carrier payouts will be on a 30 day lag month-to-month. In addition, payouts will be on a monthly schedule and the threshold for payment will be 100 Euros.

The revenues we pay out INCLUDE the revenue share cut and all taxes for the sale of content. Publishers do not have to worry about additional taxes EXCEPT those you’d normally be liable for your business.

Estimated revenues shown in the Ovi Publish reports user interface DO NOT INCLUDE carrier bad debt or refunds. This could cause the Estimates to be slightly higher in any given month than the actual payout, but this percentage should be small and in the single digits.


Q) What period of sales did the first publisher payout cover?

A) This first payout covers the period between when Ovi Store launched on May 26th to September 30th.

Q) It’s good that you’ll be making payments on a monthly basis and lowering the payout threshold but how come my payment this period doesn’t match what I see in the Ovi Publish estimated revenue metrics?

A) The numbers shown in the estimated revenue metrics includes sales data (from credit card and operator billing). The payout for this period includes only revenues received via credit card. Future payments will include both credit card and operator billing.

Q) Will the payment that Nokia makes to publishers for revenue earned during the month of October include the May through September operator billing receipts?

A) Yes, the October revenues, which will be paid out in November, will be composed of all credit card revenue for the month of October and all operator revenue received by Nokia for the sales period between May 26th and September 31st. These will be combined into one single payment.

Q) Given the delay in Operator billing receipts, should we include this form of billing?

A) Yes. As a default, Nokia Store offers operator billing to consumers in those geographies where operator billing is available. It’s our belief that many consumers prefer having their content purchases appear directly on their operator bill. Despite this delay in the payout of operator billing receipts, we believe operator billing is good for consumers and is a good opportunity long term for our publishers to participate in these easy user-flow transactions.

Q) Why is it that even though I reached the 100 euro threshold, my actual payout was less than 100 euros? Are there other charges being subtracted from my receipt?

A) When Nokia pays out revenue to our publishers, we make these payments in Euros. When your designated bank receives that payment electronically, depending on your local currency, your bank may charge a fee for transferring Euros to your local currency.

Q) Can you summarize what the payment process will be going forward?

A) Going forward Nokia will be paying publishers on a monthly basis for all revenues received, (operator and credit card revenue), if over the 100 euro threshold, as follows: last month’s Operator Revenue plus this month’s Credit Card Revenue is combined and paid at the end of each month.

At the end of each year, all publishers will receive a payment (less any currency translation fees, taxes, refunds, cancellations or bad debt) of all credit card revenues from May 26th to December 31st 2009 and all operator revenues from May 26th to November 30th 2000, regardless of the threshold.

Q) What if at the end of a calendar year, my payout amount is the same as the currency conversion? Is it possible my net actual payout would be zero?

A) If your transaction fee is equal to your payout amount, then yes, the net amount would be Zero

Q) I was frankly hoping to see more revenue this period. When does Nokia anticipate my sales will increase?

A) Nokia Store is still a young service and we’re now seeing good progress in terms of scaling the service as well as enhancing the user experience, which we expect will result in continued usage improvements and increased sales. Here’s a quick update to some key metrics that help show the direction of the business.

Usage: on average, each registered user has downloaded at least seven items from Ovi store

- In the month of September our active user base grew by over 50%

Country by country rollout: Ovi store is available in more than 180 countries, available in six local languages, and nine countries supported with operator billing.

Recent service updates and improvements: content item redownloading has been implemented and we have made recent improvements in keyword search and discovery functionality

Nokia Store marketing has begun scaling and appearing in many major markets around the world in TV, print and web/ digital ads, starting with the promotion of the Ovi store client, shipping on the Nokia N97. Nokia Store specific campaigns supporting Nokia XpressMusic devices are also running in many markets.

Q) Earlier this month there was a glitch in Nokia’s estimated revenue reports that caused a gap in the data shown in the reports interface. Has that glitch affected this period’s payouts?

A) There is no relationship between the estimated revenue metrics and the actual payments made to publishers. Payments are calculated based on final revenues received from Operator and Credit card providers. The estimated revenue metrics shown in Ovi Publish are calculated from an entirely different set of data based on a run rate of sales and does not factor in operator refunds or bad debt.

Q) Has that estimated revenue metrics reports glitch been fixed?

A) Yes, the estimated revenue reports are fixed and are up to date.

Q) My estimated revenue report shows I was well above the 100 Euro earning threshold but I have yet to receive any payment in my bank account? What could be the problem?

A) There may be a couple of issues.

1) Banking Information: It may be possible that your banking account information, is missing or incorrect. To check your banking information in Ovi Publish see Payee Details under the Admin tab. If there is no banking information there, Nokia will not be able to make a payment to you. If your Payee Details are correct, but you haven’t gotten paid, please send an email to: Be sure to give us your company name in the Subject Line of your email.

2) Estimated revenue is not the same as received revenue: What this means is a publisher may see more than 100 Euros of estimated revenue in the Ovi Publish user interface, but remember, estimated revenue is calculated based on transactions. Final payments are sent out after Nokia has received the payments from Operators and when actual the revenue share calculations have been completed. This means that some publishers might see in the Paid Content Reports interface for example150 Euros, but since Nokia has not yet received operator billing revenues, the actual payable sum could be less than 100 Euros. Remember too, no pay out of carrier billings are being made in the month of October. It won’t be until the month of November that the first combination Credit Card and Carrier Billing payments will be made to publisher’s bank accounts.


Q) Are there things I should be thinking about to build my business further on Nokia Store?

A) Some things to think about include:

Pricing: Make sure you are monitoring the prices of competitor content relative to yours.

Content Differentiation: If you are in a crowded content category –think about ways to improve your experience. Read your user reviews. Are there things they don’t like? Chances are they are reflected in your reviews.

Relevancy: Is your content targeting the world but it’s only available in English? Think about creating locally translated version of your application / content as well as the related metadata.

Is your content Spotlight ready: Spotlight is a promotional ad unit that the raises visibility of your content in the Nokia Store mobile and desktop experiences. Be sure to include the Spotlight metadata (images and descriptions) so that your content can be considered for these promotions. While having your metadata entered in Ovi Publish is not a guarantee that it will receive promotion, it does raise the chances of it being considered for promotion.

Device targeting: have you created versions for multiple devices? Try to make sure you have a range of devices covered including touch devices (Nokia N97, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Nokia 5530 XpressMusic) as well as S60 3.2 and 3.1 devices (Nokia E71, Nokia E63, Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8G)

To download go to File:OviPublishPaymentUpdate FAQ11-09.pdf

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