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PC Suite

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Nokia PC Suite is a collection of applications that ensure a seamless connection between Nokia mobile phones and a Windows PC.

The modules that form the suite are:

  • Backup: Back up your phone data on your PC for restoring later.
  • Synchronize: Sync contacts, emails, calendar items and notes between phone and PC.
  • Connect to the internet: Connect your PC to the internet using your phone.
  • Install applications: Installs Java (.jad and .jar) and Symbian (.sis and .sisx) files on your phone. Useful if you don't want to transfer the installation packages to the phone.
  • File manager: Browse the contents of your phone on the PC and transfer files between the two.
  • Contacts: Create contacts on your PC and transfer them to your phone.
  • Messages: Create and send text messages. Basically the only difference is that you write them on the PC.
  • View multimedia: Play and convert multimedia files. The "convert" functionality is extremely rudimentary. Supported file formats are: .avi, .mp4, .mp3, .3gp, .mpg, .mid.
  • Store images: Store images from your phone to the PC.
  • Transfer music: Rip CDs, create music files and transfer music to your phone.
  • Manage connections: Configure what connections are active for PC Suite.
  • Update phone software: The same as the standalone Nokia Software Updater (NSU), just comes with the suite.

There is also an Nseries edition of PC Suite, supposedly optimized for Nseries devices, that also contains a small number of third party PC applications meant to enhance the experience the user has with the phone.

Nokia PC Suite for Windows can be found on the device's CD/DVD or downloaded through:

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