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Petran's purpose is defined in Symbian OS Glossary as "petran tool converts executables from PE format to the Symbian OS executable format"[1]. It is invoked only at the final stage of the build process for ARM targets. petran.exe can be found in the tools directory of the installed SDK (%epocroot%epoc32\tools\petran.exe).


petran [options] inputfile outputfile
petran [options] e32imagefile


[-v] [[-no]call[entrypoint]] [-priority <priority>]
[-stack <size>] [-heap <min> <max>] [-uid<n> <uid>]
[-allowdlldata] [-datalinkaddress <base>] [-fixed] [-moving]
[-align-const-section] [-const-section-address-mask <mask>]
[-[no]compress] [-capability "<list>"] [-version M.m] [-vid <id>]
[-fpu <softvfp|vfpv2>]
[-dump [h][s][c][d][e][i]]
flags for dump: h Header
s Security info
c Code section
d Data section
e Export info
i Import table

Sample output

R:\Epoc32\release\GCCE\UREL>petran -dump h HelloWorldBasic.exe
PETRAN - PE file preprocessor V02.01 (Build 549)
Copyright (c) 1996-2005 Symbian Software Ltd.
E32ImageFile 'HelloWorldBasic.exe'
V2.00(505) Time Stamp: 00e109e2,38142200
Flags: 1200002a
Priority Foreground
Entry points are not called
Image header is format 2
Image is compressed using the DEFLATE algorithm
Uncompressed size 0000fa48
Image FPU support : Soft VFP
Secure ID: a000017f
Vendor ID: 00000000
Capabilities: 00000000 00000000
Exception Descriptor Offset: 00004c19
Exception Index Table Base: 00016bcc
Exception Index Table Limit: 000170dc
RO Segment Base: 00008001
RO Segment Limit: 0000d074
Export Description: Size=000, Type=01
Export description consistent
Module Version: 10.0
Imports are ELF-style
Built against EKA2
Uids: 1000007a 100039ce a000017f (1e7cca07)
Header CRC: 53f755b7
File Size: 0000fa48
Code Size: 0000f0dc
Data Size: 00000000
Compression: 101f7afc
Min Heap Size: 00001000
Max Heap Size: 00100000
Stack Size: 00005000
Code link addr: 00008000
Data link addr: 00400000
Code reloc offset: 0000f850
Data reloc offset: 00000000
Dll ref table count: 14
Offset Size Relocs #Relocs
Code 00009c 00f0dc 00f850 0000ca +004bbc (entry pnt)
Data 000000 000000
Bss 000000
Import 00f178
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