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PhoNetInfo is a (paid) app that retrieves detailed phone and network information. It runs on Symbian S60 3rd and 5th edition and S^3/"Anna" and "Belle" mobile phones.

Non-exclusive list of features:

  • Phone manufacturer and model
  • Firmware version
  • Battery level and status
  • SIM card status
  • MMC and SD card information
  • WLAN IP, MAC, MTU and speed
  • Bluetooth MAC and device class
  • IMSI and IMEI
  • Network mode, signal strength
  • Network name, cell ID and country code
  • Camera information (hard- and software version, formats, etc.)
  • Time since last reboot
  • Running tasks
  • Active profile settings
  • CPU speed / type and architecture
  • Size of RAM and ROM
  • ...

The officially Nokia-signed application can be downloaded from Nokia Store: http://store.ovi.com/content/147522

There is also a version for Windows Phone 8 available, i.e. PhoNetInfo can also be used on a Nokia Lumia Device: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=8c3f5fde-41bc-4b7c-8206-6267f21fb7bc

Further information about the developer of PhoNetInfo is available here: http://www.patrickfrei.ch/phonetinfo/index.html

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