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Created: mrjoy (13 May 2007)
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In 22th December 2006, Sun Microsystems released the source code of Java ME. The code was released under GPL license and so it's freely modifiable. The project'sname was changed into phoneME.

The phoneME project's goal is to further expand the usage of Java technology in the mobile handset market. The project scope includes a focus on the mainstream feature phone segment with phoneME Feature software, and the emerging advanced phone segment with phoneME Advanced software. The goal in making these technologies available to the Mobile & Embedded Community is to reduce implementation variation, increase the rate of innovation and enable new devices to leverage the power of the Java ME platform.

About 80% of mobile phones in the world today are feature phones. Devices of this type typically include a high-resolution screen, multiple forms of messaging (SMS, MMS, IM, Email), basic 2D and 3D gaming, a camera, music player, Internet browser, etc. Powering all this functionality is a core set of Java ME technologies known as CLDC (the Java VM) and MIDP(the mobile information device profile).

CLDC and MIDP are the most widely adopted Java ME application platforms used in mobile phones today. Layered on this base is a set of additional Java ME technologies often called “optional packages” that come in the form of JSRs (Java Specification Requests).


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