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Platform macros

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Created: stenlik (02 Mar 2008)
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When the application is ported to the UIQ platform or backported to the older SDK the code must be changed on some places. The ideal way is to put some #ifdef with the platform macros, but unfortunately there is missing some simple way how to do that. I have found two ways how to define platform macros.

Platform macros

  • First approach

1. Use the following header file:

 #include <e32def.h>
 #ifdef EKA2
   #define __SDK_EKA2__
     // UIQ 3, 3.1...
     #define __SDK_UIQ3__
     #ifdef __HIDE_IPC_V1__
       // S60 Symbian(v9.1, v9.2) 3rd
       #define __SDK_60_3RD__
     // S60 Symbian(8.0a, v8.1a) 2nd FP2, (FP3?), i.e. EKA 1
     #define __SDK_S60_2ND_FP2__
     // EKA1: S60 Symbian(7.0s, 6.1), (FP1?) UIQ 2.0 also
     #define __SDK_S60_2ND_PRE_FP2__

  • Second approach

2. Use the Perl script to prepare the header file automatically from devices command output. It can be part of the bld.inf file and is ideal way for script building:

 $command_output = `devices -default`;
 $device = substr($command_output, length("Default device: "),  
           length($command_output)-$length );
 print PLATFORM_HEADER "#ifndef __SYMBIAN_PLATFORM__\r\n#define
       __SYMBIAN_PLATFORM__\r\n#define __SDK_".substr($device, 0, index($device, ":" ) 

It produces header files like following:

 #define __SDK_UIQ3__

Example could be downloaded File:Symbian Platform here

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