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This article contains Java ME articles (ordered by popularity) that have not been validated/verified as being accurate for the Nokia Asha software development platform.

While the articles are expected to be compatible that have not actually been checked. Please verify them against a Nokia Asha device (e.g. the Nokia Asha 501) as described in #How to validate an article for Nokia Asha below.









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How to validate an article for Nokia Asha

An article can be validated against Nokia Asha by testing its content and code. Code can be tested by building and running the code example zip file attached to the article against a real device (if no zip exists you will need to first create a code example using the code snippets in the article). The article content is tested by updating images and confirming that there are no other recommended APIs for the stated functionality (library search).

The steps are:

  1. Build the code example associated with the article against the new Asha SDK (or create a new code example using the article code snippets if none exists)
    • Fix any build issues and confirm you can still build for older device targets
    • Check if there are any dependencies, such as external plugins and add these in the working project. If the plugins are already included in the zipped project, please ensure that a relative path to the .jar file is defined in the project’s properties ( file in NetBeans and .classpath file in Nokia IDE for Java ME) in order for the IDE to properly see them.
  2. Test the code performs as you would expect based on the article description on the device. Emulator testing is not sufficient for verification.
  3. Update the code if needed. Remember to update the MIDlet-version Jad attribute if you make any changes.
  4. Update any images in the article - Emulator images are fine
  5. Update the article text and code snippets with any changes needed due to code changes you made

Note.pngNote: If you verify that the code doesn't work or you can't fix it, add the information on what you tried as a comment to the article - include the device and platform information).

When the article has been updated, do the following:

  1. Add your newly tested zip file (if it has been updated). Please ensure your project is importable in both Eclipse and NetBeans, before uploading it.
  2. Update the article's Article Metadata
    • If you made no (or minor) changes and everything just worked then update the reviewed-by and review date with your details
    • If you made significant changes then update the updated-by and update date fields
    • Add information for devices tested, SDK and platform. These should be inserted before any existing entries (so they appear first)
  3. Add categories for the appropriate platform (Category:Nokia Asha) and version (Category:Nokia Asha Platform 1.0).