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This portal contains Windows Phone articles related to the Lumia Differentiator SDKs.




Nokia Imaging SDK

The Category:Nokia_Imaging_SDK brings technologies that Nokia uses in its own imaging applications available to developers. The features include decoding and encoding JPEG images, applying filters and effects, blending, cropping, rotating and resizing, with customization and unlimited undo.

The Nokia Imaging SDK provides more than 50 pre-made filters and effects. It allows access to any image data without decoding the whole image. That means you can apply effects to high resolution images, without worrying about your memory budget. You can add a filter to your existing project with just a few lines of C#. The library can also be called from C++ code. The filters can be chained to create the exact effect you are looking for.

Additionally, it is possible to create new effects. You can do this in two ways:

Lumia SensorCore SDK beta

The Category:Lumia_SensorCore_SDK is a collection of APIs that use data from different sensors (for example, accelerometer) and location information to track the user’s physical activities and motion. It consists of four APIs:

  • Step Counter API provides information on how many steps a user has taken, and how long the user has been walking or running
  • Activity Monitor API provides information about changes in a user’s physical activity; for example, when the user is standing still, and when the user starts or stops walking.
  • Place Monitor API provides a list of geo-coordinates where the user has spent some time; be it shopping, enjoying a coffee, or stuck in a traffic jam.
  • Track Point Monitor API provides information about a user’s movements. It is very similar to the Place Monitor API, but tracks route points instead of places.

For more information refer to the Lumia SensorCore SDK beta documentation