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All featured articles (not including those that have been #Archived).

Article Date
Authentication Using Facebook, Google and Microsoft Account in Universal Apps Using MVVM20140901
Creating Windows Phone and Window 8.1 applications using Microsoft App Studio20140812
Retro game console custom effect using Imaging SDK20140727
Orton Effect Filter Recipe (Lumia Imaging SDK)20140918
Clip Image Filter Effect20140714
Wide Angle Lens Effect20140818
FishEye lens filter effect20140707
Template universal app for video recording with MediaCapture using Imaging SDK Filters20140630
Pop Art filter effect Halftoning using Imaging SDK20140804
Template app for developing Imaging SDK Effects20140602
Using BugSense Analytics for bug tracking on Windows Phone20140525
How to create customized Popup in WP820140608
Reusing code for Windows Phone 7, 8 and 8.120140511
Using Windows phone 8.1 light sensor20140504
How to handle JSON strings with Windows Phone20140323
Using Mailchimp to manage a Windows Phone Beta test20140427
How to create a Settings Flyout using Visual States and Blend20140316
Twitter using TweetSharp Library on Windows Phone20140330
How to set WebBrowser control viewport dimensions on Windows Phone20140216
Optical Reader Library for Windows Phone 820140209
Transfer an Image with NFC20140223
Using Crypto++ library with Windows Phone 820140112
Custom Effects in Nokia Imaging SDK: Pixelate and Color Quantizer20140615
Image control using 9-patch rescaling for Windows Phone20140105
Creating a beautiful mosaic effect using the Nokia Imaging SDK20140119
Augmented reality for fun using Nokia Imaging SDK filters20140406
Advanced Techniques for Big UI20140309
Custom Filter QuickStart for Nokia Imaging SDK20140518
UI Framework for XNA and MonoGame with high DPI support20140420
Tiltshift effect using Nokia Imaging SDK20140126
Semantic Zoom in Windows Phone 820140302
Data validation using Fluent Validation in Windows Phone20131215
Double Sides Flipping Control - Windows Phone20131222
Creating and optimizing a custom effect for the Nokia Imaging SDK20131229
How to get pitch and roll from accelerometer data on Windows Phone20131117
How to create a toggle image on Windows Phone20131208
NFC Questions - a text based game for Windows Phone20131110
Application update prompt using Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit20131124
How to run a successful beta test on Windows Phone20131103
Handwriting overlay lens app for Windows Phone20131027
How to pin the application tile to the start screen from code20131020
How to detect the audio path (headset connection) on Windows Phone20140202
Tabbed interface with Pivot animation for Windows Phone20130922
Partial filter application and blending with Nokia Imaging SDK20131006
How to keep a UI element in view when scrolling a page in Windows Phone20131201
Memory-efficient Navigation in Very High Resolution Images on Windows Phone20130908
HDR I - Implementing High Dynamic Range filters using Nokia Imaging SDK20130915
Azure Mobile Services - Implementing Push Notifications20130818
Using Nokia Imaging SDK in a Windows Phone game20130811
Optimizing Imaging SDK use for rapidly changing filter parameters20130929
Real-time camera effects on Windows Phone 7 and 820130825
Checking for updates from inside a Windows Phone app20130728
Generating and scanning barcodes using ZXing on Windows Phone20130804
Adding multilingual support to your Windows Phone application using the Multilingual App Toolkit20130721
How to improve your coding standards using StyleCop20130714
Audio recording and playback options in Windows Phone20130901
Azure Mobile Services on Windows Phone20130630
How to add Flurry Analytics to your Windows Phone app20130623
Custom Color Picker for Windows Phone20130616
Splatting 2D blood in games built with MonoGame20130609
Implementing advert in Windows Phone app using Inneractive with CSharp20130512
How to debug Windows Phone HTML5 Apps20130526
HTML Page parsing using HTMLAgilityPack20130602
How to use SQLite in Windows Phone20130428
Windows Phone 8 communicating with Arduino using Bluetooth20130407
Fullscreen XNA games on Windows Phone 8 devices20130331
MonoGame on Windows Phone 8 Post-Processing Your Game20130310
Points to consider before submitting an app to the Windows Phone Store20130224
Stegafoto: a lens which embeds audio and text inside images20130217
Map with directions in Windows Phone 820130203
Use NFC tags with Windows Phone 820130324
Creating a Lens application that uses HLSL effects for filters20130113
Drawing shapes with Windows Phone maps API20121209
Draggable markers with Windows Phone maps API20121223
Windows Phone 8 SDK on a Virtual Machine with Working Emulator20130106
What's new in Windows Phone 820121105
Windows Phone Native C++ and DirectX - First Direct3D App, setting up Touch and Sensors20121111
Silverlight animation with Expression Blend (and no code)20121118
Drag & Drop in Windows Phone20121125
HubTile in Windows Phone20121021
Application Bar for Windows Phone20120923
Audio Noise Reduction in Windows Phone20120909
WebBrowser Control Techniques in Windows Phone20120826
Facebook authentication in Windows Phone application20120813
Brushes in Windows Phone20120902
Extending the Windows Phone Pictures Hub20120819
Streaming MP3 player in WP720120520
Picasa Image Gallery with JSON in Window Phone20120506
Nokia Maps for WP7 using Bing Map Control20120408
Techniques for memory analysis of Windows Phone apps20120318
Best practice tips for delivering apps to Windows Phone with 256 MB20120304
Movies in Finnkino Theatre's20120129
Employees app with XML parsing and messaging in WP20120122
Using Microsoft Advertising Control in Windows Phone apps20120205
Uri Mapping in Windows Phone 720111218
Google Weather for Qt and Windows Phone20111120
Basic Web Browser in Qt and Windows Phone20111113
Application Life Cycle - Windows Phone20110918
Creating GUI applications for Qt and WP7 using HTML20110821
Windows Phone Platform Security20110725


These featured articles have been archived:

Article Date
Archived:Sharing Cinemagraphs in your Windows Phone 8 App20130505


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