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Profiles Engine Extended API

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Created: ltomuta (16 Jun 2007)
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Note.pngNote: :This API is not part of the public SDK. It can be found in the SDK API Plug-in.

ProfileEngineExtended API is used to create new profiles and change the settings in existing profile. The Settings which can be set include Name,presence,tones.

Use cases

The usecases may be:

-Creating a New Profile

-Modify existing profile settings

-Delete a profile

Properties of a profile can be changed like its Name, Tones, Extra Tones, etc.,

Example code

Header files

#include <mprofileengineextended.h>
#include <mprofileextended.h>
#include <mprofilesetname.h>
#include <mprofilepresence.h>
#include <mprofilesetpresence.h>
#include <mprofilesetextratones.h>

Link against

LIBRARY profileeng.lib
CAPABILITY  WriteDeviceData ReadDeviceData

The following is a code for creation of a Profile:

MProfileEngineExtended* lProfileEngExt = CreateProfileEngineExtendedL();
MProfileExtended* lNewProfile = lProfileEngExt->CreateProfileL();
MProfileSetName& lProfileName = lNewProfile->ProfileSetName();
TBuf<10> lPrfName(_L("UserProf"));
lProfileName.SetNameL( lPrfName );

The following is the code to set the Profile Presence:

MProfileSetPresence& lProfileSetPresence =  lNewProfile->ProfileSetPresence();
TBuf<15> lProfilePrsenceMsg(_L("UsrPfl"));

The following is the code to retrieve the existing Profile Presence:

const MProfilePresence& lProfilePresence =  lNewProfile->ProfilePresence();
TBuf<20> lPrfPrsn;
lPrfPrsn = lProfilePresence.StatusMessage();
CEikonEnv::Static()->AlertWin(_L("ProfileStatus Msg:"), lPrfPrsn);

The following is the code to set the ExtraTones for a Profile:

MProfileSetExtraTones& lProfileSetXtraTones = lNewProfile->ProfileSetExtraTones();
TBuf<50> leMailTonePath(_L("z:\\data\\sounds\\digital\\Tinker.aac"));

Note: Similarly IM message alert tone and Video call ringing tone can be set using SetIMMessageAlertToneL (const TDesC &aIMMessageAlertTone) and SetVideoCallRingingToneL (const TDesC &aRingingTone)

Once the creation or modifcation is done to the profile, CommitChangeL of MProfileEngineExtended should be called to save the Settings.


Example project

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