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Promoting Asha apps on Nokia store with AppsBeacon

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This article explains how to promote your Nokia Asha and Series 40 apps on the Nokia Store using the new AppsBeacon service and SDK.

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SDK: Nokia SDk 2.0,Asha SDK1.0, AppsBeacon SDK
Dependencies: AppsBeacon SDK, Java ME
Created: shai.i (15 Jun 2013)
Last edited: hamishwillee (14 Aug 2013)



There are an enormous number of apps, and even if you have a great app you still need some way to reach and promote it to new users. There are a number of options for this: you can try send the apps to blogs and news sites hoping they will write about you, you can buy expensive advertising or you can count on luck to be featured by the Nokia store.

Apps number in the hundreds of thousands

Another alternative is to use the new AppsBeacon service. AppsBeacon is a new free discovery and cross-promotion service designed for app developers to help them spread their app and reach more users within the Nokia store. It is composed of the web console where you register and enter data about your app and a SDK (currently only for Java apps) that you integrate into your app with a single line of code.

With AppsBeacon you can reach new users with the power of free fully automated cross-promotion through other developers and app owners. Your app is constantly exposed to new users that otherwise would never know it exists.

How does it work?

AppsBeacon offers developers a complete platform for app cross-promotion between your apps and other developers apps.

You add your app data on the web console and gets an app ID back, you integrate the AppsBeacon SDK into your app and call the SDK with the app ID you got from what console (you can call the sdk from anywhere within the app for instance in a "more apps" button or at the end of the app run).

When you call the SDK it connects to the AppsBeacon service and retrieves apps and banners to show to the users. Your app earn credits, which are used to show that app and its banner on other apps that call to the SDK. For every 10 credits your apps earn, 8 credits will be used to show your app banner and 2 will be reserved for use by AppsBeacon.

AppsBeacon share your users across many developers and publishers to help users discover your app

How to use AppsBeacon

Step 1: Register

Register a user name on the web console at and verify your email in the verification email that will be sent to you.

Step 2: Add App

In the Apps section click the New App button and in the following screen enter your app Nokia Store URL to create it automatically (or create it manually).

Add new app

You can then find the App ID in the app information screen

App info screen.

Step 3: Integrate the SDK

Download the [SDK] from the SDK section and call to its one line of code from a place within your app


You can watch how many credits your apps earn and how many clicks your app received in the reports section of the web console.


The more apps and calls to the SDK you integrate with the service the more new users will be exposed to your apps that wont know of them otherwise. This service is brand new to the Nokia store and it one-of-a-kind to the Nokia store, such service are available on other apps stores and are helping developers increase their downloads and get new users.

It is a win-win situation for developers to use it.

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