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Provisioning VoIP and SIP Profiles using OMA DM commands

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VoIP and SIP profiles can be provisioned remotely using device management (DM) commands.


The DM servers like Funambol and Sync4j can be used for remote provisioning of VoIP and SIP profiles. The settings of the VoIP and SIP profiles can also be modified using DM commands.


VoIP Profile Creation

Using the Add command, a new VoIP profile can be created:

./VoIP/VoIPId0000000011/SettingsName <<VoIP profile name>>

The above two commands are essential for the creation of a VoIP profile. The provisioned VoIP profile gets linked to the existing SIP profile if one exists. Otherwise, it gets linked when a new SIP profile is created.

SIP Profile creation

Using the Add command, a new SIP can be created:

./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/AddressOfRecord <<Address>>
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/Default False
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/EnableAutoRegistration True
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/EnableSecurityNegotiation False
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/EnableSignalCompression False
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/LooseRouting False
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/Name <<SIP profile name>>
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/ProfileLock False
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/ProfileType IETF

Proxy Server Settings

./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/OutboundProxy/Host <<Host Address>>
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/OutboundProxy/Passwd <<Password>>
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/OutboundProxy/Port <<Port No>>
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/OutboundProxy/Realm <<Realm>>
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/OutboundProxy/Transport UDP
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/OutboundProxy/Username <<username>>

Registry Server Settings

./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/RegistrarServer/Host <<Host Address>>
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/RegistrarServer/Passwd <<Password>>
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/RegistrarServer/Port <<Port No>>
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/RegistrarServer/Realm <<Realm>>
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/RegistrarServer/Transport UDP
./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>/RegistrarServer/Username <<username>>

When EnableAutoRegistration of the SIP profile is set to True, the SIP profile gets registered by connecting to the default AP specified. The Transport field can take the values UDP/TCP. Similarly, ProfileType can be IETF/Nokia 3GPP. The settings can be modified according to requirements using the Replace command.

To remove the provisioned VoIP/SIP profiles, the following commands can be used:

 Delete ./VoIP/<VoIPId0000000011>
Delete ./SIP/<SIPId0x01000002>

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