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Created: JOM (04 Aug 2008)
Last edited: Abilash ov (21 Jun 2013)



Application Author Description Version Verified
Preferans amigo12 and Dmitry Clone of Preference (Preferans) card game for Symbian OS smartphones. 1.05 2008-08-01
Mastermind Matteo Muggianu Python version of the classic logic / puzzle game. 1.0 2008-08-02
Tricky Mirrors Goetz Schwandtner Each level consists of a rectangular grid containing some lasers, mirrors, laser targets and also some other elements. The aim is to hit all targets with laser beams, established by proper mirror orientations. Version 1.0 brings new and tricky levels introducing new game elements. 1.0 2008-08-19
16 Puzzle Jouni Miettunen Sam Loyd's famous "Fifteen puzzle" game for S60. Shuffle the pieces and then reorder them again from 1 to 15, leaving the empty space at bottom right corner (place of number 16). 3.0 2008-08-05
Magic Video Floriano Scioscia The goal of the game is to recompose the picture, very much like the famous "Fifteen puzzle" game. The picture is taken in real time from your smartphone's video camera. 1.1.0 2009-06-23
Creepy Invaders Hannu Viitala Creepy Invaders is Space Invaders look-a-like 1.2 2008-11-30
Asteroidz Alessandro Crugnola A simple game (my second fav arcade game): Asteroids 1.0 2008-08-05
Ukodus60 jethro.fn Sudoku solver 1.0 2008-08-05
pyWuzzler Andreas Jakl Use the acceleration sensor of the mobile phone Nokia N95 to play a table soccer game. Prototype 2008-08-08
ShakerRacer Andreas Jakl Control an RC car directly through your movements — by using the acceleration sensor of your mobile phone. 1.5 2008-08-08
Rol-a-Bol Jouni Miettunen Caleidoscope in general. A bit difficult to describe, you have to see and use it in sensor enabled device (for example N95, N82) 2.0 2008-08-12
Unity Jouni Miettunen Clear the whole playing area by removing tiles in groups. The more you remove at the same time, the more you get points. Small, medium and large board sizes, each with separate high score table. 2.20 2008-10-31
AcceSnake CMoaToto AcceSnake is a "Snake-like game" using the accelerometer of your phone. You can move in any direction, slow down, and accelerate just by moving the phone. 1.1 2008-10-14
Mazing Days Jouni Miettunen Labyrinth game. Move dot from top left corner to bottm right. You can choose big, medium or large maze. You can use also arrow keys to navigate, not only sensor support. 1.0 2008-10-31


Application Author Description Version Verified
FreeMinMon Martin Dehler - MD-Soft Estimates the current usage of inclusive call minutes and inclusive SMS. (English version.) 1.00 2010-05-31
FreiMinMon Martin Dehler - MD-Soft Estimates the current usage of inclusive call minutes and inclusive SMS. (German version.) 2.01 2010-05-31
IYOUIT DOCOMO Euro-Labs Telematica Instituut Share your life while on the go. IYOUIT allows for an instant automated sharing of your location and personal experiences with your buddies and online communities by hooking up to the popular Web 2.0 services Flickr™ and Twitter™. 5.31 2008-08-12
PySpy Pepe Aracil Detect motion and send photo via e-mail or mms or simply notify via missed call or sms 0.2 2008-09-10
Series60-Remote Lukas Hetzenecker PC Software suite for S60 devices (extensive message admin, contact manager, file manager and many more features) 0.3.90 2010-01-04


Application Author Description Version Verified
FuelLog for S60 Martin Dehler - MD-Soft FuelLog records, stores, calculates and exports fueling data and fuel consumption of your vehicles. (English version, german version is named TankLog für S60.) 1.04 2010-05-31
TankLog für S60 Martin Dehler - MD-Soft Tracks the fuel consumption of your vehicle. Statistics and export to CSV-file are included. (German language version of FuelLog for S60.) 3.00 2010-05-31
Tracker Mark Hurenkamp GPS mapping application aimed at helping hikers that want to track their position on a digitized map. 0.20.6 2008-08-25


Application Author Description Version Verified


Application Author Description Version Verified
virtualmouse abilash ov for s60v5 controll phone with mouse arrow 1 2013-6-16
Birthwatch Floriano Scioscia Adds calendar reminder entries for contacts' birthdays. 0.50 2009-09-04
Birthdays for S60 Martin Dehler - MD-Soft Lists birthdays from Contacts in chronological order and writes birthdays to the Calendar. 1.10 2010-05-31
GTranslate Pankaj Nathani An Application demonstrating use of google translation API in PyS60 1.0.0 2009-05-01
Location Scheduler Pankaj Nathani A Geo-scheduler application 1.0.0 2008-08-14
Calls!nfo Gargi Das& ck.umraliya A detailed call Logs Application which helps you in estimating your bills. 1.0.0 2009-02-03
PyCalc Bogdan Galiceanu Fully functional basic and scientific calculator 1.0.0 2008-11-10
SMB4S60 Premnath Sah Access windows shared folders and Samba folders from your nokia s60 phone 0.0.1 2008-10-17
ShakeLock Manu Shake your phone to lock 1.0.5 2008-08-08
Speaker Manu Speaks your phones mind: Time, Date, Phone IMEI, Number of missed calls today, Who made the last missed call, Reboot, Speak and exit, Super shortcut 1.0.3 2008-08-08
Watch Me - Light Now Jouni Miettunen Fill the whole screen with one single color! Flashlight, ambience atmosphere, alarm, get color's RGB value 1.2 2008-08-08
Sensor Analyzer Jouni Miettunen Can be used to see what kind of raw data values Sensor API gives, when you move, turn and shake the device. 1.2 2008-08-12
Ped Arkadiusz Wahlig Text editor focused on writing, executing and debugging Python code directly on the mobile device. Additional features like comfortable built-in Python Shell make it a true mobile Python IDE. 2.30.5 beta 2008-10-17
SISInfo Jari Sukanen Tool for inspecting the contents of Symbian SIS installation packages. Supported SIS file format is the one introduced in Symbian 9.1 and S60 3rd edition.
Notice: this tool seems to be no longer available for download
0.6 2008-08-26
Ensymble Jussi Ylänen Generation of SIS (installation) packages, merging several SIS packages into one, (re-)signing existing SIS packages and modifying extension DLL headers. 0.27 2008-09-05
Math Lab Michael Mardaus Mathematical calculations 0.9.4 2008-09-10
Calendar Kai Winter Overview of upcoming calendar events 1.06 2010-05-20
ACCLogger Thomas Theussing Acceleration Viewer and Logger.Creates now also a GPX File.Uses the Sensor Framework. 0.0.7 2010-05-30
Spiritlevel Thomas Theussing A simple spiritlevel.Needs an acceleration Sensor also known as Motion Sensor 0.2.1 2010-08-24
Shorten Martin Dehler - MD-Soft Application to create short URL's with the bit.ly URL shortening service. 0.20.0008 2010-05-31
Green Button Timer Gerko de Roo Poker Timer and Stopwatch. 0.98.0 2010-12-19


Application Author Description Version Verified
NMEA Info Nick Burch Retrieve NMEA information from bluetooth GPS
NMEA Track Uploader Nick Burch Upload track to NMEA info
PyGPSLog johler Generate GPX/Ozi GPS Logs using your S60 phone 0.3.0
Tracker.py Mark Hurenkamp GPS Mapping application 0.20.6
IGCLogger Thomas Theussing free GPS IGC Logger. Usefull for Hangglider and Paraglider Pilots. 0.09.02 2011-04-18
gpsiesreader Thomas Theussing loads youre gpsies.com Tracks to youre Phone 0.02.05 2011-06-03


Application Author Description Version Verified
Musician Steve Litchfield A musician's tool. A tuner for my guitar and violin, plus a metronome to start songs off at the right tempo. 3.2 2008-08-25

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