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Created: hamishwillee (30 Nov 2010)
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Bogdan Galiceanu

Bogdan is a Computer Science student from Romania. He develops mobile applications and helps others through the maze that is software development. Having been selected as a Nokia Developer Champion numerous times, Bogdan does everything he can to ensure he is worthy of the title by aiding others in the areas in which he is skilled: Python on Symbian, Java ME and Qt.

Bogdan's current endeavours include learning Symbian C++, graduating from college with good results and continuing to be a very active member of the mobile developer community, while still spending quality time with family and friends.

Hamish Willee

Hamish lives in Melbourne (Australia) with his wife Jen, sons Oscar, Sam and Leo, and a cat "Biscuit" (who drops in from time to time). They spend a lot of time on the trampoline (I guess you could say life has its "ups and downs").

Hamish has worked with Symbian and the Symbian Foundation since 1998. In that time, he's primarily been involved in developer technical support, providing white papers, software validation, consultancy and training to the wider Symbian community. Currently, he is responsible for evolving both the content and infrastructure of the Symbian Foundation developer wiki, through direct effort and engagement with the global developer community.

Hamish holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Communications) and Masters of Engineering (Micromachining). He's contributed to a number of Symbian books, including "Common Design Patterns for Symbian OS". This is his first wiki book!

Marcelo Barros de Almeida

Marcelo is 37 years old at the time of the writing, lives in Brazil and tries to divide his time between his family (wife Elaine and son Mateus) and friends, his mobile programming hobby, working nights as a professor in a local college and his daily work as a developer/engineer.

Marcelo is a graduate electrical engineer with MSc and PhD degrees in computational intelligence. In the last seven years, he has been working as an embedded software developer, creating controllers for the industry automation field. Strong computer network and TCP/IP programming skills complete his profile. Mobility and Python programming are his current hobbies and he combines their powers with PySymbian for Symbian smartphones.

Mike Jipping

Mike is a Professor of Computer Science at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, USA. He has worked with the Symbian Platform since its days as EPOC when it ran on Psions. He has written two books for Symbian Press.

Mike holds MSc and PhD degrees in Computer Science. His current interests lie in mesh networking of handheld devices and in using handheld devices as assistive technology for those with low vision and hearing impairment. He spends time with Python and C++ on Symbian and Maemo platforms. He also enjoys his family: a wife, three children, a son-in-law, and a new grandson.

Pankaj Nathani

Pankaj, a Nokia Developer Champion from India, has been working on the mobile platform and developing mobile applications for more than three years. He has been most interested in developing applications for location-based services, information services, utilities and automation. His current research focuses on developing innovative solutions for mobile security, healthcare and location tracking. He has been helping and guiding students and developers of mobile applications across the globe.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree (Electronics & Communications) and is currently studying Management. He primarily develops applications and research solutions with Python on Symbian, Symbian C++ and Qt.

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