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Qeddit Reddit client - app showcase

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Qeddit is a Reddit client for Symbian written using Qt Quick Components. This article showcases the main elements of the Reddit app.

Article Metadata
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SDK: Qt SDK 1.1.4
Devices(s): Symian Anna / Belle & Meego devices
Platform(s): Qt 4.7 and later
Device(s): All*
Keywords: Qeddit, Qt Quick, Symbian, Meego, Nokia N9
Created: digitalsurgeon (10 Mar 2012)
Last edited: hamishwillee (30 Jan 2013)



Qeddit is a reddit client for Symbian and Meego devices. Its fast and fun! The app consists of a Qt based client library for reddit and a QtQuick based UI for the library. The app is fast and pretty easy on the eyes.


The UI and code design was kept as simple as possible.

Problem Areas

QtQuick and Qt are such great frameworks and they give you such flexibility that you don't really feel limited to what you can accomplish with it. QtWebkit component seems to be needing more work for Symbian and doesn't seem to support multitouch, a hack was used in this app, but works fine on Nokia N9.

Upcoming features

  • Ability to login to reddit
  • Fetch the reddits you are subscribed to and show them as a bookmark page.
  • Ability to view and post comments.

Screen Shots

Qeddit 1.png Qeddit 2.png

Qeddit 3.png Qeddit 4.png

Video demo

Video demo at Youtube The media player is loading...

Application Icon

Qeddit icon.png


The application has been submitted to Nokia store and should appear soon, a Meego version is also developed and will submitted to the store as well. The source code and other information about Qeddit at

Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

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