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Created: jimgilmour1 (28 Apr 2010)
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Note:- These articles will be under update through out the project during 2010 This is a research project which will have other linked articles in the series

Author Jim Gilmour 01-May-2010


Whats "QtSoftPhone"? the name comes from the object class used in core of the software phone. The calls are via Internet Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) using the SIP functions.

  • The main goal of this project is reuse of packages and code integration

The soft phone and many applications are based on integrating existing Qt packages into the phone. This will show one of the main strengths of Qt which is ease of multi-platform integration and porting of packages.

During this project the Qt Mobility API will be used to provide support to porting of application packages into the phone.

These articles are for developers with more advanced experience in Qt. Those who want to possibly push the boundaries on product development. Many operations will point to articles already written by other authors.

There will be considerable work described on upgrading older applications to new platforms and higher versions of Qt. The basis for this project will be Qt version 4.6.2 onwards.

Developers will not need a specific hard phone e.g. Nokia N900 as all the development work and testing will be using the different platforms Symbian,Maemo and Windows, Debian Linux with Scratchbox.

During this we will need to rebuild the libraries from source to debug the packages during integration.

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The name "QtSoftPhone" when searched via Google during April 2010 did not exists. The Qt is trademark held by Qt at Nokia and therefore will be considered "QtSoftPhone" to be under Creative Commons License in a similar standing to Open Source version of Qt SDK.

"SoftPhone" is a generic name used for any software used to making VoIP calls and not owned by any company or entity

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