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The QtWebKitStub is a template application for Web developers who want to create mobile applications with Qt by utilizing their existing skills. You can download the stub application from here: QtWebKitStub v.1.0. You may also want to read the Porting WRT widgets to Qt applications Wiki article for background information about Qt and Web "hybrid" applications.


The QtWebKitStub application contains the following features:

  • Closing the application from JavaScript (the exit() function).
  • Minimizing the application (the minimize() function). The function shows the task switcher on Maemo, does nothing on Symbian, and minimizes the application on PC.
  • Support for dynamic scalability (if, for example, the orientation of the device changes, the layout of the application changes as well).
  • Four different CSS files (style/qtwebkitstub.css, style/nhd_portrait.css, style/nhd_landscape.css, and style/wvga_landscape.css), which are enabled and disabled at runtime based on the resolution.
  • The main HTML file (html/index.html) for the UI.
  • Two JavaScript files (script/qtwebkitstub.js and script/common.js) for application logic.
  • One graphics file (the exit button, gfx/exit.png).
  • A Qt resource file (qtwebkitstub.qrc) into which the developer can add his or her own resources.
  • Code comments to assist if the developer needs to modify the Qt code.

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