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This page collects Qt examples published by Nokia Developer.

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Name Date Description
RESTful Places Around 20120712 RESTful Places Around demonstrates the use of the Nokia RESTful Places API within a Qt Quick application. This example retrieves the places nearby and displays them on Nokia Maps. The application also features comprehensive use of QML bindings of the Qt Mobility Location API, planning a route on a map from the current position to a selected place, and making phone calls (opening the call UI).
Open Book 20120711 Open Book is a Nokia example featuring a 3D book implemented with OpenGL ES 2.0. The book can be browsed with intuitive touch gestures and it contains images retrieved from the device gallery and ads. The In-App Advertising feature is implemented by wrapping the Inneractive server API with Qt.
Status Shout 20120711 The Status Shout! example application demonstrates the use of social media (in this case, Twitter and Facebook), OAuth authentication, and posting status update messages with images.The Status Shout! application uses the Social Connect QML Plug-in, which handles authentication of the application to different social media and can be easily utilised in other applications. The application also uses the official Qt Quick Components for navigation and UI.
ToDo Lists v1.2 20120710 The application demonstrates the use of Qt Quick Components. To-Do Lists is an example application that keeps track of To-Do tasks in three categories. The categories are Work, Home, and Shopping.
Social Connect QML Plug-in 20120712 The Social Connect QML Plug-in delivers an interface for Qt Quick developers for accessing the Facebook and Twitter APIs that allow creating mobile applications powered by social media. The plug-in provides out-of-the-box support for Facebook and Twitter with integrated authentication implementation. In addition to native API calls, a simplified common interface is provided for simple tasks like retrieving latest posts from a service.
Guitar Tuner v2.0 20120702 Guitar Tuner is a Qt Quick example application that demonstrates the integration of Qt audio interfaces. The application can be used to tune guitar strings by analysing the audio recorded by the device microphone.
Mini App Suite v2.0 20120606 This Nokia Developer Qt Quick example application demonstrates the intended use of UI elements and interaction patterns as described in the Symbian Design Guidelines. The idea is to put the style guide to life and to show vastly different layout and interaction examples in a condensed format. Each mini app demonstrates either a set of UI elements or a certain pattern. The apps are without application engine and they just show flows or sample layouts, but have no deeper functionality. 10 new mini apps have been added in version 2.0.
Custom QML Video Player 20120516 The Custom VideoPlayer Component provides a reusable QML component for playing video and showing transparent overlay controls on top of video content. The VideoPlayer component enables showing full-screen videos with play controls that can be hidden or in a smaller size with play controls and other information always shown.
Camera Demo v1.2 20120516 This example demonstrates how to use the Qt Mobility Qt camera classes to access the camera devices. The application can set the properties of the camera, show the viewfinder image, and capture still images and video. The application also analyses the viewfinder image in real time and shows a histogram window about the image. The overexposed areas are marked in the viewfinder to demonstrate the pixel manipulation techniques in real-time images.

Video recording feature was added to the 1.2 version. The video feature is disabled on devices with 32 Mb of graphics memory or less. The supported devices include Nokia 603, Nokia 700, Nokia 701 and Nokia 808 PureView.

For related documentation, see the Camera Guide.

Places Around 20120424 This Nokia Developer Qt Quick example application has been ported from iOS to Qt. It demonstrates the use of the Social Connect QML Plug-in for user authentication and retrieving nearby places from Facebook. The example also features the Qt Mobility Location API; the places found are placed on Nokia Maps which is centered based on the user's current location. In addition, the route drawing feature plans the route from the current location to the selected point of interest.
Branding Examples 20120412 These branding examples have been created using Qt Quick Components for Symbian and they demonstrate different approaches on how to modify the colour scheme of UI elements. This application explains various techniques and covers most of the existing UI elements. The level of changes ranges from simple tweaks, such as changing an image, to rather complex changes, such as replacing an entire component. However, the main goal is to preserve the look and feel of the UI components as much as possible and make the application appear like an integral part of the phone.
Beta Labs Client v2.0 20120403 This Qt Quick example application allows users browse the applications in Nokia Beta Labs. The main purpose of the application is to demonstrate how to communicate with a web server from QML using AJAX. The application also demonstrates how to use Qt Quick Components, and how to utilise In-App Advertising.
MirrorHouse v1.3 20120403 This Qt Quick example application demonstrates how to use the QCamera from the Qt Mobility Multimedia module and how to create a circus-style mirror effect with it. The application shows how to manipulate camera frames in real-time.
Match'em Poker v1.2 20120402 The Match'em Poker Qt example application is a 'match 3' type game where you can switch the cards on a grid to form different poker hands in any direction. This example is hosted in a Nokia Developer Project where you can also find the implementation and porting notes. This project was created to study porting this game to the Qt platform using Qt GameEnabler.
Media Browser v2.0 20120329 The Media Browser example application demonstrates how to use QML bindings of the Document Gallery (part of QtMobility APIs). create a visually appealing coverflow view and show image and video files. The updated version uses Qt Quick Components and adds support for video playback.
FileList 1.1 20120320 FileList is a simple example application for browsing multimedia files on a Symbian device. This application, which is ported from a Symbian C++ version, is developed with Qt Quick components and is based on the Symbian design guidelines. The example also features a fast-loading, efficient splash screen, implemented completely with QML code.
Dj Turntable v1.4 20120314 The Dj Turntable example is a Qt Quick application that allows the user to scratch audio with the turntable and play predefined background beats, or create their own beats with the drum machine. The purpose of the application is to demonstrate the integration of Qt Quick and the Qt Mobility audio interface using Qt GameEnabler. The application is compatible with Symbian devices with Qt 4.7.4 and Qt Mobility 1.2.1, MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan, and Windows desktop computers starting with Windows XP (the Qt libraries are provided with the executable).
Surveillance Camera 20120313 The Surveillance Camera showcase example demonstrates how to use Nokia's Notifications API. The Notifications API lets you push real-time notifications to your client applications. This example consists of two mobile apps: the Windows Phone Silverlight application uses the Service API to send push notifications to a Qt Quick app in a Symbian device. In this example the Silverlight application is the actual surveillance camera that searches for movements in the camera viewfinder. The Qt application receives alert notifications from the Silverlight application when there is movement. Both applications authenticate into the Notifications Service for sending and receiving alert notifications.
Qt GameEnabler v2.1 20120313 Qt GameEnabler is a collection of interfaces that enables game and game engine development in the Qt environment. Qt GameEnabler provides a simple framework enabling the use of native OpenGL® ES 2.0 code within a Qt application, and enables applications to achieve the maximum performance by providing direct access to graphics hardware acceleration using OpenGL. An application created with Qt GameEnabler will run on all devices supporting OpenGL ES 2.0.
Video Streamer 20120229 The QML Video Streamer example application showcases QML video streaming and playing capabilities using Qt Mobility bindings, the QML Video element, and a custom QML video player component. The QML Video Streamer application has been designed to use the official Qt Quick Components for navigation and UI.
Compass v2.1 20120208 Compass is a Nokia showcase example application that demonstrates the use of the Qt Location API and Nokia Maps with the compass sensor. This application can be used as a traditional compass with Nokia Maps and it allows the user to determine the bearing to the desired direction. The tracking function draws the travelled route to the map and the route can be saved in KML format.
Weather Forecast 20111229 Weather Forecast is a Nokia Developer example application ported from Windows Phone to Qt. This simple Qt Quick application parses the weather forecast content from XML data retrieved over the network. The application features an animated splash screen.
Weekly Planner v1.2 20111229 The Weekly Planner example application demonstrates the use of the Pivot-type custom-made QML element. This example application is hosted in Nokia Developer Projects where you can also find implementation notes.
Diner v1.5 20111222 The Diner example application demonstrates how QML can be used to build a simple, impressive catalog-type application based on local XML data. The updated application uses Qt Quick Components.
RSS Reader v1.4 20111221 This example demonstrates the creation of a rich, list based UI with view navigation, search, accordion list, and animations. The UI is built by making extensive use of Qt Quick Components and all components are designed to be reusable in other applications. The list content is populated from RSS feeds. The user can subscribe to additional RSS feeds and subscription information is held in QML local storage. The example also demonstrates how an application's graphical theme can be switched from the settings view.

This version adds support for the Nokia E6 as well as including UI fine tuning and some refactoring.

Battleships 20111219 Battleships is a Qt Quick example game of the well-known guessing game played by two people. In this game you have to guess where your opponent's battleships are on the 10 x 10 grid and sink them before the opponent sinks your ships. The game has both single player and two-player modes. In the two-player mode two devices are connected over a Bluetooth connection.
Drumkit 20111129 Drumkit is a virtual drumkit that lets you play percussion sounds by tapping sound pads, recording the beats, and playing them back.
RentBook 20111117 This Nokia Developer example application demonstrates the use of Qt Quick Components and the SQLite database for keeping track of items for rent. RentBook alows the user to add items for rent into a database and, for example, keep track of whom the item is rented to on a certain date. The Symbian version follows the Symbian design guidelines.
Space Blok Qt v1.2 20111116 Space Blok Qt is a 1-4 player game for Qt devices and desktop, where the players use marbles to break a 3D block structure. The game is implemented with Qt3D and Qt Quick and it utilises an open source physics engine, Bullet Physics Library. The application has been ported from Space Blok XNA for Windows Phone.
Tic-Tac-Toe v1.1 20111116 This example application is a networked version of the Tic-Tac-Toe game. The game is cross-platform and supports two players, using sockets for communicating over the network. The application has been ported from Windows Phone to Qt devices and the Nokia N9.
Bullet Dice v1.1 20111010 This demo application creates dice and places them on a virtual table. The user can manipulate the dice with touch and accelerometer events. Simple cube/plane-based physics are applied to the dice with the Bullet physics library. The graphics of this example are implemented with the QtOpenGL module.
Qoat of the Hill v1.2 20111010 This example game deploys the Qt GameEnabler framework and the Games API. The game is a classic Scorched Earth / Worms clone with 2 human players who are trying to drop each other from a randomly generated mountain by shockwaves from their exploding ammunition.
Lucid Screensaver v1.0 20110701 A simple screensaver project for Qt on Symbian. The screensaver is designed for Symbian^3 AMOLED devices, which allow the continuous displaying of an image with very low power consumption.
ePong v1.0 20110628 ePong is an arcade style tennis sports game example. It was first implemented in Symbian C++ and then ported to Qt with Qt GameEnabler.
AirSwype v1.1 20110621 AirSwype is a Nokia example application where the user must draw the presented figure in the air with the phone as precisely as possible.
Qt Bubble Level v1.3 20110621 This application demonstrates how to use Qt Quick with the accelerometer sensor that is part of Qt Mobility.
Qt Quick Playground v1.4 20110621 This QML application demonstrates the features of Qt Quick with a set of demos and the possibility to view the source code of the demos.
Solitaire Qt v1.7 20110621 This Qt C++ example application is a cross-platform solitaire game that runs in different Qt environments such as the Symbian platform, Maemo, and desktop Windows.
Sudokumaster Qt Quick v1.1 20110621 Sudokumaster is a Sudoku mobile game developed with Qt Quick.
WhoWhere Daemon 20110526 This Qt Quick/Qt C++ example application demonstrates how to use the Qt Mobility Service Framework.
QML Templates 20110401 The QML UI Templates Library provides commonly used UI components for generic use with QML.
QCamera Example v1.1 20110321 This Qt C++ example application shows the viewfinder picture from the device camera and allows the user to capture images, store them, and send them as MMS messages.
Qt: QWhoWhere Example v1.2 20110223 This Qt example application demonstrates how to use the Qt Mobility APIs. The Qt Mobility project delivers a set of new APIs to Qt, offering features that are well known from the mobile device world, particularly mobile phones.
Qt Quick: MultiWindows Example v1.1 20110120 This Qt Quick example application demonstrates how to create an application that uses multiple windows.
QtWebKit: ListEm Example v1.1 20110103 ListEm is a hybrid application which demonstrates software development using web technologies and Qt native code.
Qt: QFriendFeed Example 20101223 This Qt C++ example application demonstrates using the RESTful API and SAX parser to retrieve, post, and parse XML data. It also shows how a cross-platform UI can be tailored using CSS style sheets.
Qt: QAnimatedGallery Example v1.2 20101026 This cross-platform Qt code example demonstrates the Qt Animation Framework. The application uses different transition effects to show images to the user.
QtWebKit: Cartoon Reader Example v1.2 20101014 Cartoon Reader is a Qt WebKit application that demonstrates the use of web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 with Qt native code.
Qt: QRentBook Example v1.2 20101012 This Qt C++ application demonstrates how to use the QtSql module to access a SQLite 3 database.
Qt: QMobilePaint Example v1.2 20100908 This updated Qt code example demonstrates drawing on the touch UI. Tested on Maemo and Symbian.
Qt: QTabs Example v1.1 20100408 This Qt C++ application demonstrates how to implement a Qt application with tabs.
Qt: QSharedMemory Example v1.2 20100329 This Qt C++ client/server application demonstrates how to share memory between processes.
Qt: QMemoryGame Example v1.2 20100112 This Qt C++ example application demonstrates how to implement the Qt UI with animation on top of an existing Open C++ engine.
Simple Qt Animation Example 20091230 This Qt application proves how easily you can use the Qt Animation Framework to create animations and transitions for Qt applications. The example has been tested to work on the Nokia N97 mini, Nokia N900 and MacOS, Linux, and Windows.
Qt: QPlugin Example v1.2 20091002 This Qt C++ example application demonstrates how to extend an application with Qt plug-ins.
Qt: QSimpleImageViewer Example v1.1 20091002 This Qt C++ application demonstrates how to scale, load, and convert images and show them on the screen.
Qt: QStackedWidget Example 20090629 This Qt C++ application provides a method to implement multiple views in Qt applications (an alternative to using tabs). Views (QWidgets) are stored in a stack (QStackedWidget). On application startup, only the default view is created in the stack. To optimise memory consumption, the other views are not created until they are needed. Every view has its own Options menu and CBA buttons with view-specific commands. The example has been tested to work on S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition devices with Qt 4.5.2 Tower release. Important classes: QWidget, QStackedWidget, QMainWindow.
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