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Qt Designer

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What is it?

Qt Designer is a GUI tool for creating Qt QWidget based applications. It's functionality is now included as part of Qt Creator IDE.

There are two ways to make an application either using complete source code only or using Qt Designer.

Using Qt you can make component based architecture by the use of Qt Designer even we can connect any component or tools with each other using small modification in the code.

Designing simple application using Qt Designer is very easy. Suppose user want to make a blank form, then user has to just drag and drop the widgets and other component available in the Qt Designer library. Using Qt Designer user can generate virtually generate output in the output window.

Qt Designer12.jpg

Qt Designer reduces the compile, and run time. Suppose user need to change the size of boxes in the blank form application then he has to change directly in the drop area of the output, suppose he use the coding only then he has to change each every run time if he wants to change. It will make very simple to change the output designs. Application output can be previewed using device skins, that how it looks in the target devices.

How you can use it?

Programmers can use component style or dialog style applications. Programmer can create their dynamic widgets that can be connected with Qt designer components or can be added in Qt designer library.

Qt Designer is a readymade component and widget based library. In which user has to just drag the component buttons or standard widgets and put in the drop area of the form. Qt supports component based form application development.

A form or file in which user drops the components, buttons and widgets is user interface (. ui) file which later can be processed during run time to produce dynamically generate the user interfaces.

User interface12.jpg

Qt’s build system reduces the run time modification due to the compile time construction of the user interface (.ui) file.

Qt Designer also provides integration features in which user develop in the Microsoft visual studio or in the Eclipse environment.


  • It supports integration with Microsoft visual studio.NET
  • Good collection of standard widgets
  • Support for custom widget and dialogs

• It gives preview for the form and dialog creation


  • Native look in all supported OS
  • Good speed for the interface design process
  • Good environment for developer work

You can visit below page for the more details of Qt designer :

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