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This article shows how to serialize Qt data types.

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Created: skumar_rao (25 Nov 2010)
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Qt provides two classes for serialization,

usually the application requirement is that we need serialization of binary data for example, create a dictionary for a configuration file.

In the following example we will play around with QHash

#define PATH "c:/data/file.dat"
int main()
QHash<QString,QString> dict;
dict["book.owner"] = "skumar";
dict["book.version"] = "0.1.0";
QFile file(PATH);
QDataStream out(&file); // write the data
out << dict;
//setting new a value
dict["book.owner"] = "Sunil Kumar";
//update the dictionary
QDataStream in(&file); // read the data serialized from the file
in >> dict;
qDebug() << "value: " << dict.value("book.owner");
return 0;

Other list of data types which can be serialized Serializing Qt Data Types . But if we want Serialization of our own QObject derived classes then we need to do it our self but provided two function one for serialize and another for de-serialize.

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