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Qt Quick Components

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Qt Quick Components provide an app framework and UI component library for Qt Quick. This article provides an overview of the available components.

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Qt Quick Components provides a set of QML components for building user interfaces. These include components for managing pages (views) or tabs and the transitions between them, and also for user interface elements (e.g. listboxes, buttons etc) that can be used in those pages.

Separate Qt Quick Components libraries are provided for Symbian and MeeGo, and within these platforms there are also "Extras" components which are not part of the core sets. The current and future intention is to align the components as closely as possible.

Warning.pngWarning: While many of the components have the same names they may have subtle (or not so subtle) behavioural differences. Care must be taken when porting between them.

The components are well documented in the developer library (see the #References below).


Porting apps written using Qt Quick Components for different platforms can be fairly straightforward - in some cases as simple as changing the import library. Note however that even in simple applications there can be subtle differences, and of course the design guidelines for the platforms are quite different.

One of the best porting guides on the wiki is Porting Symbian Qt Apps to Nokia N9. There are other guides on the Internet.


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