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Qt is a kind of cross-platform application development technology, which is an original of Trolltech Norway and had purchased by Nokia.Nokia is introducing and wil introduce Qt into its present and future mobile platforms.

And now, developers can develop application with Qt for latest several versions of S60 and Maemo.In future,Qt will be the primary development technology of new mobile platforms of Nokia,such as MeeGo and Symbian^4,even the UI/application of these new platform will also be developed with Qt.Both development technology and mobile platform is or will be open-source and free.

Qt is really a clever,dainty and smart technology like its pronunciation "cute".Developers can design pretty graphical UI and code efficient engine with it,and build multi target type for corresponding OS platform quickly.

Quick target will be a beautiful reality to developers in this fierce competetive software industry,which will help them to get biggest market.It's a great chance of mobile application development and bring its practitioner great benefit.

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