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As of August 12, 2014, Remote Device Access is no longer available. Therefore this article is obsolete.)

Most RDA devices have WLAN support and an a proper access point should be pre-defined under connection name "rda". However, if the settings are missing, here are instructions how to define them:

  • Connection name: RDA
  • Data bearer: WLAN
  • WLAN network name: RDA (or select "scan for networks" and select "RDA" from the resulting list)
  • Network status: Public
  • WLAN network mode: Infrastructure
  • WLAN security mode: WPA / WPA2
  • WLAN security settings / WPA mode: Pre-shared key
  • WLAN security settings / Pre-shared key: forumnokia

Some devices may have a WLAN wizard, which simplifies the process a bit. For other devices, the right place to define the access point can be found from here:

Tools > settings > connection > Access Points.

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