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RDA and Open C applications

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As of August 12, 2014, Remote Device Access is no longer available. Therefore this article is obsolete.)

It is possible to test Open C applications through Remote Device Access, however there are some things that need to be taken in consideration:

  • Open C-applications are not Symbian applications. Therefore they can’t be terminated from end-button of the device. The only viable way to terminate a stand-alone Open C-application is to create an exit-feature to the program and use it to end the program. The example applications provided with the plugin-package are typically terminated from some other defined keyboard button, like left or right softkey.
  • It may be possible to spawn several instances of the same stand-alone application. Hold down the menu-button for a moment to see what programs are currently open. Uncautious use may in some cases lead to jamming the device.
  • It may not be possible to test some applications, that use HW-acceleration, on all of the RDA devices: for example the OpenGL-example provided with the Open C-plugin. Although the application runs on the device ok, RDA is unable to capture screendata from it and therefore the launched application seems to get "stuck" on the backround. Most console applications should still work ok. For some devices, like N95, running OGL apps may be possible by adding delays to the application. Check this article: Remote Device Access
  • Open C is not really meant for building full stand-alone applications. A typical use-case would be building libraries or client/server-applications and embedding them to Symbian: using the S60 UI to display the content.
  • If the plugin is not installed, the OpenC applications can’t be run. By default the plugin is not installed on the RDA devices. In this case you can install it yourself (the .sis file is provided with the SDK)

More information about Open C can be found from here:

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