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RFID in Java ME

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JSR 257

• RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is a  technology to carry information over short range by radio waves
• 13.56 MHz frequency used in mobile devices
• A tag (transponder) contains digital information in a microchip
• A reader communicates with a tag
• Two types of tags
• Active tag has own power source and longer distance
• Passive tag gets power from the incoming signa

NFC and NFC Forum

• NFC (Near Field Communication) specifies

simple wireless communication between close coupled devices
• Establishing other types of wireless communication between devices
• Compatibility with existing contactless smart cards
• NFC Forum defines common protocols for basic links between NFC enabled devices
• NFC Forum Data Exchange Format (NDEF) provides vendor independent structure for data

Visual Tags in Brief
• Optically machine readable information on printed material, typically in the form of bar codes or data matrices
• Widely used in product identification
• Symbology defines the features of the visual tag
• Used character set
• Encoding and decoding rules
• Data size
• Error checking
• Printing requirements
• Over 200 known symbologies, only few widely used
• UPC / EAN / JAN in article numbering

Use Cases for JSR 257
• Read a URL to movie web page from a tag
• Store personal shortcuts like phone numbers to a tag
• Bluetooth or WLAN connection initiation in a multiplayer game with RFID communication
• Set device access point settings from a tag
• Field force on-the-job reporting using RFID tags
• Data gathering from RFID tags to a server

Design Guidelines
• Select target and register for discovery
• Supported targets: NDEF tag, RFID tag, smart card, visual tag
• Read only or also write access to NDEF tag
• Limitations in registration
• Target discovered, check properties
• Open connection to target
• Communicate with the target

• Close connection

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