RMobileCall::HangUp does not disconnect the Video Call when it is in progress(connected state) (Known Issue)

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RMobileCall::HangUp() API does not work when the call is in progress, though it works when the call is in ringing state but not answered.

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Devices(s): N8, E7
Platform(s): Symbian^3
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Signing Required: DevCert
Capabilities: SwEvent
Created: debjit.roy (14 Mar 2012)
Last edited: hamishwillee (15 Mar 2012)


Opening a new call:

RMobileCall     iCall;
iCall.OpenNewCall( iLine ); // RMobileLine iLine
iCall.Dial( iStatus, iDataPckg, iNumber ); //RMobileCall::TMobileHscsdCallParamsV1Pckg iDataPckg;

The code snippet used to hang up a video call:

void CVtEngTestCall::EndVideoCallL()
if ( iCall.SubSessionHandle() == 0 )
User::Leave( KErrBadHandle );
if ( iState == EDialling )
iCall.HangUp( iStatus );
iState = EHangingUp;

Closing the call:


This snippet should actually hang up the call, and it does in the following scenario:

  1. Make video call through application.
  2. Call is in ringing state.
  3. Hang the call from the application using RMobileCall::HangUp() API.

But once the call is connected, hang up from the application using RMobileCall::HangUp() API does not work.

  1. Make video call through application
  2. Answer the call (now call is Connected)
  3. Hang the call from the application using RMobileCall::HangUp() API.


One workaround could be simulating the red key to hang up the call. Snippet is as follows:

RWsSession ws; 
TRawEvent ev1;
ev1.Set(TRawEvent::EKeyDown, EStdKeyNo); // Simulating red key
ws.SimulateRawEvent(ev1); // CAPABILITY Req. SwEvent

Defect tracking

This defect can be tracked on Nokia Developer Defect tracking system: 863

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