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RTP is "Real-Time Transport Protocol" which provides end to end network transport sevices in real-time.It provides real-time data transport for services like web conferencing,video,voice etc.RTP is mainly built on UDP(User Datagram Protocol).

RTP protocol can be used for an end-to-end or one-to-many kind of services.

The quality of service provided my RTP can be monitored by RTCP(RTP Control Protocol).


The RTP API provides functionality to do the below steps:

  • Create and manage an RTP session
    • RRtpSession session; //Construct a new RTP session object
    • session.OpenL(); //Opens an RTP session and initializes it
  • Register for and handle events
    • RRtpSession:RegisterEventCallbackL
    • RRtpSendSource:RegisterEventCallbackL
    • RRtpReceiveSource:RegisterEventCallbackL
  • Access an RTP packet
  • Create a send stream
    • RRtpSendSource manages the creation and sending of RTP packets. Basically, an RTP session can have only one send stream.
  • Manage an RTP packet
  • Create a receive stream
    • RRtpReceivePacket is derived from RRtpPacket and provides a handle to a received RTP packet.
  • Manage the RTCP packets and reports
    • RRtpSession::SetRTCPAutoSend()
  • Manage the send and receive reports


RTP Overview

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