Reading Bluetooth device address returns zero (Known Issue)

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Trying to retrieve a Bluetooth Device Address returns zero (or NULL) if Bluetooth has never been used. This is apparent when using the *#2820# code, which will result in Bluetooth device address: without any value at all.

Also, the following code:

TBuf<20> bluetoothAddress;
TPckgBuf<TBTDevAddr> aDevAddrPckg;
KPropertyKeyBluetoothGetLocalDeviceAddress, aDevAddrPckg);
aDevAddrPckg().GetReadable(bluetoothAddress, KNullDesC, KNullDesC, KNullDesC);

will return 000000000000 as bluetoothAddress.

This can be problematic if using Bluetooth address for identifying a device.


If the returned value is zero, Bluetooth needs to be turned on at least once. After this, the value can be received, and it also persists when phone is turned off.

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