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Created: kamaljaiswal (25 Oct 2007)
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The RDir class allows you to open a directory and read the entries it contains. There are several different ways to read the contents of a directory.

Each call to Read() reads a single entry, which is useful in cases where memory usage needs to be minimized.

However, it is inefficient to make multiple calls to a server function, so RDir also supplies an overloaded method Read() that, in a single call, reads several entries into a TEntryArray.

The number of entries contained in each TEntryArray cannot be determined before a call to Read() because the length of each file or directory name is likely to be different.

void ReadDirContentsL(RFs& aFs, const TDesC& aDirName)
RDir myDir;
TInt err;
User::LeaveIfError(myDir.Open(aFs, aDirName,
KEntryAttNormal| KEntryAttDir));
TEntry currentEntry;
err = myDir.Read(currentEntry);
if (err)
break; // No more entries, or some other error
// Process this entry
if (err != KErrEof) // EOF signifies no more entries to read
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