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Redak QML text editor - app showcase

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Redak is a simple QML text editor to be used on touchscreen mobile device. This article provides an overview of the project, app functionality and history. Basic features are Load, Save, Save As, Browse and Edit text. It has been tested on maemo/meego harmattan (n950/ n9) and Nokia Belle (E7)

Package: redak

 Contact: Philippe Coval <>
 Licence: GPL-3 (OpenSource Free Libre Software)



History of this project :

I needed a basic text editor to handle files on my handset so I created a Qt texteditor under the name redaktilo as sample to teach Qt on desktop or tablets (n810). The QtGui version was usable with a resistive screen (n810) but not on capacitive screens. This new version was created from scratch using QtQuick.

Today supported platform are symbian and meego harmattan.

Basic features are ready to be tested :

  • Load, Save, Save As, Browse and Edit text (select, cut and paste).

Features are very limited but enough for me ?

I can't promise I will polish it and add more features but it's opensource so I can promise i will make efforts to merge patches ?

The project is mostly based on QmL and uses C++/Qt for io. (load/save)...





IO access is done in C++ , the rest UI logic etc is pure qml Javascript

Used Qt Quick Components (Symbian or MeeGo) :

  • PageStackWindow Page QueryDialog
  • Menu MenuLayout MenuItem ToolBar ToolBarLayout ToolButton
  • Flickable Column ListView FolderListModel Component MouseArea
  • TextArea TextField Text
  • Image Rectangle
  • Connections

Since the project is opensource you can tear out and reuse my components :

Custom ones to be reused :

  • EditPage : the text area
  • BrowserPage : the file browser for loading saving pages

Problem Areas

First I created for harmattan then ported to Symbian, the main issue was a minor bug in C++ that prevent loading files (bad path workaround). I feared that was a security issue but it's not.

Most of the qml code is common between MeeGo and Symbian. But I did not share common parts and I prefer to merge new features ...

I had to find also common images to reuse platform ones ...

  • QueryDialog : Had to workaround this bug (using an extra '\n')


I wish I had a n900 to port it to maemo5 too or a RasperyPI . To edit text on TV ...

I'll also plan to use it to test Qt lighthouse ports


Just open this link I tested "redak_qt-4_7_4_symbianBelle-0.4.0.sis" on NokiaE7:

I plan to publish to ovi stable version. Feel free to build form sources too...


Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

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Tested with
Devices(s): Nokia E7,
Platform(s): Meego Harmattan, Nokia Belle, Qt 4.7.4
Nokia Belle
Dependencies: Qt Quick Components 1.1
Keywords: Redak, Text.Editor
Created: (07 Feb 2012)
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