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Reducing Social Isolation among patients and monetizing medical applications

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This article explains how to reduce social isolation among patients and how to monetize this situation.

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One of the common problems that all patients face is that they are confined to their hospital room.This causes them to feel lonely and isolated.This situation can be overcome by the use of mobile applications that are targeted to these users.

Games for the sick

There are various games which can be made that are useful for certain type of sick people.For instance mind games for people who have autism, physically challenging games for people who need physical exercise to get better. The clear cut advantages are many.Games are liked by all ages.Hence it has an universal appeal.When they are confined to their beds, they have lot of time to play the games.

Eliminating Social Isolation

The New Asha Platform has a Share API, which allows you to share data to popular social sharing networks.By using this facility, we can eliminate social Isolation.We need to incorporate it into the game that is being designed.The users can share the scores in facebook.They can compete for high score among other patients in the same hospital.This will make the games more interesting to play and the patients will feel more engaged.It will boost the community feeling among the patients and hence it will speed up their recovery.

Monetizing this scenario

This situation presents an interesting monetization option as well.Not all the people in the world are capable of having medical insurance.Hence for most of the people, paying the bills in the hospital will be an ordreal.Developers have a unique way to make money in this situation.They can give a scheme like whoever is the top scorer of the month, we will pay 25% of the bills for them.

This way, the patients will want to download your app.The patients health will improve because the games are tailored like that.The developer will have lot of people downloading the app trying to become the top scorer.It will become a win-wn situation for all.


This article describes technique to monetize medical games and reduce social isolation among the patients.The techniques are

1.) Developer makes a game that can help people affected by specific diseases

2.) Developer offers to repay 25% or any other number of the total bill cost.

3.) Developer must incorporate social sharing feature .

4.) Patients will want to use the app as they can get discounts in their final bill

5.) In this process, their health will improve

5.) The patients will feel like they are a part of a community and will not feel isolated.

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