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Ruby Q&As

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Created: hamishwillee (10 May 2011)
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This article contains frequently asked questions about the Ruby on Symbian runtime. Feel free to add your own Question and Answer pairs.


Is Ruby on Symbian only for S60 and Symbian platform devices? Not for S40?

Ruby on Symbian is available for S60 3rd Edition devices onwards. It doesn't support S40 platform.

What manufacturer phones does Ruby run on

The runtime is manufacturer agnostic, and should run on any Symbian device after Symbian OS v9.1 (including both S60 3rd and 5th Edition, UIQ 3 and Symbian platform devices). Ruby Frontend (script launcher shell) is not available currently for UIQ phones.

What are advantages of using Ruby over other technologies?

The main characteristic of Ruby is its ease and simplicity of its use, and the fact that it can be extended using native Symbian C++. Note however that Symbian Ruby is still very much a prototype development environment.

Where can I download the most recent binaries ?

From Ruby 1.9.2 binaries are pre-built for you. The most recent SIS files for devices are available on Ruby Forge in the Files section.

I installed Ruby on my phone but there is no icon. What could be wrong?

The Ruby runtime itself has no icon. If you install the RubyFrontend.sis that comes with the release you'll see the script shell appear in the Application folder on your mobile device.

What are Ruby extensions? Where can I find a list of extensions?

Ruby native extensions allow Ruby to be extended using native code. Some extensions implement core functionality that needs to be handled in a platform specific way, while others implement platform specific functionality (e.g. support for the camera). Extensions are discussed in the Technical Overview.

Why are there only a few extensions available?

Ruby is new! As more developers contribute their code we hope the number will grow.

How can I make a regular application out of a Ruby script (i.e. icon on the phone menu)?

At time of writing there is no support for GUI bindings, so making a 'regular' application has not been a development priority.

Where is the documentation?

Where can I find support

I seem to have found a bug/I have a feature request! Where should I report it or add it?

The place for bug reports and feature requests is here.

How can I contribute to Ruby development?

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Trails.png About Ruby on Symbian
 > Ruby in a Nutshell > Ruby Technical Overview > Ruby Q&As

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