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Ruby in a Nutshell

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Created: hamishwillee (10 May 2011)
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Ruby is a dynamic programming language with a complex but expressive grammar and a core class library with a rich and powerful API. Symbian Ruby brings the Ruby programming language to the Symbian platform under the terms of the Ruby License Agreement.


Key features

  • Easy for developers to learn; it draws inspiration from Lisp, Smalltalk and Perl, but has a grammar that is comfortable for C and Java programmers to learn.
  • It is a port of the official Ruby code base. The source code is hosted at the official Ruby central repository, so it is always in synch with the latest Ruby Core releases.
  • A pure object-oriented language, it is also suitable for procedural and functional programming styles.
  • Ruby includes powerful meta-programming capabilities and can be used to create domain-specific languages

Pros and Cons

  • Very easy to learn and use
  • In addition to core libraries, Ruby offers access to the camera, gallery, location based services and basic phone information (signal strength, battery state)
  • Should run most existing Ruby scripts.
  • Can be extended through native extension modules for additional functionality.
  • Available on Symbian platform devices from Symbian^1, and S60 devices from 3rd Edition onwards.
  • Ruby on Symbian is an open source project, which means developers can modify and build their own, enhanced versions of the runtime.
  • Tools are free.
  • Relatively immature runtime, not yet ready for commercial distribution
  • No GUI bindings are supplied. Applications can be run through console UI only
  • Significantly less native Symbian platform functionality exposed than Python or Java
  • Some core functionality related to the POSIX signals (including killing of Ruby threads) and RubyGems (language-specific packaging and deployment mechanism) are not supported

Effort Estimate

3 (1 - 10, where 1 is the easiest)

Market Share Indicator

Symbian Ruby is a much younger project than Python on Symbian, Java or Flash, and should be considered as a development release; it is not really aimed at commercial app deployment just yet.



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Trails.png About Ruby on Symbian
 > Ruby in a Nutshell > Ruby Technical Overview > Ruby Q&As

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