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  • 设备, 软件 版本:

S60 1st Edition, S60 2nd Edition, S60 3rd Edition

  • 详细描述:


要学习特定设备ProductID及MachineUID值的使用,可参考下列文档: S60 Platform: Identification Codes


Series60ProductID values:

(0x101F6F88) S60 1st Edition (0.9)

(0x101F8202) S60 1st Edition, FP1

(0x101F7960) S60 2nd Edition

(0x101F9115) S60 2nd Edition, FP1

(0x10200BAB) S60 2nd Edition, FP2

(0x102032BD) S60 2nd Edition, FP3

[0x101F7961] S60 3rd Edition

[0x102032BE] S60 3rd Edition, FP1

ProductID MachineUID Device

S60 1st Ed:

0x101F6F87 0x101F4FC3 Nokia 7650

S60 1st Ed, FP1:

0x101F7962 0x101F466A Nokia 3650

....N/A.... 0x101F466A Nokia 3660

....N/A.... 0x101FA031 Sendo-X

0x101F9071 0x101F9071 Siemens SX-1

S60 2nd Ed:

0x101F7963 0x101FB3DD Nokia 6600

S60 2nd Ed, FP1:

0x10200F97 0x10200F97 Nokia 3230

0x101FB3F4 0x101FB3F4 Nokia 6260

0x1020216B 0x101F3EE3 Nokia 6620

0x101FD5DC 0x101FB3F3 Nokia 6670

0x101FD5DB 0x101FB3F3 Nokia 7610

S60 2nd Ed, FP2:

0x101F7964 0x101FBB55 Nokia 6630

0x102078D1 0x10200F99 Nokia 6680

0x102078D0 0x10200F9C Nokia 6681

0x102078CF 0x10200F9B Nokia 6682

S60 2nd Ed, FP3:

0x10200F9A 0x10200F9A Nokia N70

0x10200F98 0x10200F98 Nokia N90

S60 3rd Ed:

0x200005F8 0x200005F8 Nokia 3250

0x20001856 0x20001856 Nokia E60

0x20001858 0x20001858 Nokia E61

0x20001857 0x20001857 Nokia E70

0x200005FF 0x200005FF Nokia N71

0x200005FB 0x200005FB Nokia N73

0x200005F9 0x200005F9 Nokia N80

0x200005FC 0x200005FC Nokia N91

0x200005FA 0x200005FA Nokia N92


0x101F8A64 0x101F8C19 Nokia N-Gage™

....N/A.... 0x101FB2B1 Nokia N-Gage™ QD

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