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  • 设备, 软件 版本:

S60 3rd Edition

  • 说明:

因为S60第三版中出于平台安全的考虑,所有信息设置已经被转移到Central Repository数据存储中。这样的转变导致老的SMS设置API(如CSmsSettings存储和输出函数)无法使用,当需要在S60第三版上发送一个短信时再使用它们会引发KErrGsmSMSUnspecifiedProtocol和KErrGsmSMSInvalidMandatoryInformation错误。

  • 详细描述:


// ----------------------------------------
// Sets the message center to the message
// ----------------------------------------
TInt CFW3MsgEngine::SetSMSCL()
TInt err = 0;
// CSmsHeader encapsulates data specific for sms messages,
// like service center number and options for sending.
CSmsHeader& header = iMtm->SmsHeader();
CSmsSettings* settings = CSmsSettings::NewL();
CSmsNumber* sc = CSmsNumber::NewL(); //CSmsNumber* sc = 0;
//--------- SMSC & header set-up
settings->CopyL(iMtm->ServiceSettings()); // restore existing settings
// set send options
settings->SetDelivery(ESmsDeliveryImmediately); // set to be delivered immediately
// Set SMSC address
if (header.Message().ServiceCenterAddress().Length() == 0)
// No smsc set. We assume there is at least one sc number defined and use
// the default SC number.
CSmsSettings* serviceSettings = &(iMtm->ServiceSettings());
// if number of scaddresses in the list is null
if (!serviceSettings->ServiceCenterCount()) // New messaging API uses new methods
// here there should be a dialog in which user can add sc number
_LIT(KNotSet,"SMSC not set");
// Display a Note
CAknGlobalNote* globalNote = CAknGlobalNote::NewLC();
globalNote->ShowNoteL(EAknGlobalInformationNote , KNotSet);
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // globalNote
// set sc address to default.
// New messaging API uses new methods
//--------- SMSC & header set-up
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(2); // sc, settings
return err;
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