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S60 Platform and device identification codes

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This topic contains tables of Symbian device identification codes. There are three types of identification codes: platform ID, product ID and Machine UID.

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The Platform ID and Product ID are usually used in the package file (.pkg) to perform checking during installation. For example, an installation file can display warning if a user is trying to install it on incompatible platform or device.

The Machine UID is usually used in the code during runtime. The API to get Machine UID in C++ is HAL::Get(HAL::EMachineUid). It is also possible to check Machine UID during installation using IF statement in the .pkg file.

Note.pngNote: This is a user contribute resource and not guaranteed to be always complete or correct. For each S60 device the correct Machine/Product UID is documented in the product specifications, which can be found in the Devices section of the web site, in the APIs section


S60 Platform Identification

PlatformID S60 version
(0x101F6F88) S60 1st Edition (0.9)
(0x101F8202) S60 1st Edition, FP1
(0x101F7960) S60 2nd Edition
(0x101F9115) S60 2nd Edition, FP1
(0x10200BAB) S60 2nd Edition, FP2
(0x102032BD) S60 2nd Edition, FP3
[0x101F7961] S60 3rd Edition
[0x102032BE] S60 3rd Edition, FP1
[0x102752AE] S60 3rd Edition, FP2
[0x1028315F] S60 5th Edition / Symbian^1
[0x20022E6D] Symbian^3 (including Symbian Anna)
[0x2003A678] Nokia Belle

S60 Product Identification

S60 1st Ed

Product ID Machine UID Device
0x101F6F87 0x101F4FC3 Nokia 7650

S60 1st Ed, FP1

Product ID Machine UID Device
0x101F7962 0x101F466A Nokia 3650
N/A 0x101F466A Nokia 3660
N/A 0x101FA031 Sendo-X
0x101F9071 0x101F9071 Siemens SX-1


Product ID Machine UID Device
0x101F8A64 0x101F8C19 Nokia N-Gage™
N/A 0x101FB2B1 Nokia N-Gage™ QD

S60 2nd Ed

Product ID Machine UID Device
0x101F7963 0x101FB3DD Nokia 6600
0x101FF525 0x101FF525 Panasonic X700 [1]
 ? Panasonic X800
0x10272FB8 Samsung D720 [2]
0x10272FB7 Samsung D730
 ? Lenovo P930 [3]

S60 2nd Ed, FP1

Product ID Machine UID Device
0x10200F97 0x10200F97 Nokia 3230
0x101FB3F4 0x101FB3F4 Nokia 6260
0x1020216B 0x101F3EE3 Nokia 6620
0x101FD5DC 0x101FB3F3 Nokia 6670
0x101FD5DB 0x101FB3F3 Nokia 7610

S60 2nd Ed, FP2

Product ID Machine UID Device
0x101F7964 0x101FBB55 Nokia 6630
0x102078D1 0x10200F99 Nokia 6680
0x102078D0 0x10200F9C Nokia 6681
0x102078CF 0x10200F9B Nokia 6682

S60 2nd Ed, FP3

Product ID Machine UID Device
0x10200F9A 0x10200F9A Nokia N70
0x10200F9A 0x10200F9A Nokia N72
0x10200F98 0x10200F98 Nokia N90

S60 3rd Ed

Product ID Machine UID Device
0x200005F8 0x200005F8 Nokia 3250
0x20000602 0x20000602 Nokia 5500 Sport
0x20002495 0x20002495 Nokia E50
0x20001856 0x20001856 Nokia E60
0x20001858 0x20001858 Nokia E61
0x20002D7F 0x20002D7F Nokia E61i
0x20001859 0x20001859 Nokia E62
0x20000604 0x20000604 Nokia E65
0x20001857 0x20001857 Nokia E70
0x200005FF 0x200005FF Nokia N71
0x200005FB 0x200005FB Nokia N73
0x200005FE 0x200005FE Nokia N75
0x20000601 0x20000601 Nokia N77
0x200005F9 0x200005F9 Nokia N80
0x200005FC 0x200005FC Nokia N91 & N91 8GB
0x200005FA 0x200005FA Nokia N92
0x20000600 0x20000600 Nokia N93
0x20000605 0x20000605 Nokia N93i
0x20008610 Samsung i400 [4] [5]

S60 3rd Ed, FP1

Product ID Machine UID Device
0x20002D7C 0x20002D7C Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
0x20002D7B 0x20002D7B Nokia 6110 Navigator
0x20002D7E 0x20002D7E Nokia 6120 classic & 6121 classic
0x2000DA55 0x2000DA55 Nokia 6124 classic
0x20000606 0x20000606 Nokia 6290
0x20002498 0x20002498 Nokia E51
0x200025C3 0x200025C3 Nokia E63
0x2000249C 0x2000249C Nokia E66
0x2000249B 0x2000249B Nokia E71
0x20002496 0x20002496 Nokia E90 Communicator
0x2000060A 0x2000060A Nokia N76
0x20002D83 0x20002D83 Nokia N81 & N81 8GB
0x20002D85 0x20002D85 Nokia N82
0x2000060B 0x2000060B Nokia N95 & N95-3 NAM
0x20002D84 0x20002D84 Nokia N95 8GB
0x101FF809 0x101FF809 LG Joy (KS10) [6][7]
 ? LG-KT615 [8]
0x101ff809 LG-KT610
0x2000C51D Samsung G810 [9]


0x2000A677 Samsung I450
0x20003ABD Samsung I520
0x2000A678 Samsung I550
0x2000C51C Samsung I560

S60 3rd Ed, FP2

Product ID Machine UID Device
0x2000DA5A 0x2000DA5A Nokia 5320 XpressMusic
0x2000DA61 0x2000DA61 Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
0x20014DD3 0x20014DD3 Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
0x2000DA54 0x2000DA54 Nokia 6210 Navigator
0x2000DA52 0x2000DA52 Nokia 6220 Classic
0x2000DA57 0x2000DA57 Nokia 6650
0x2001DE9B 0x2001DE9B Nokia 6700 slide
0x20014DD1 0x20014DD1 Nokia 6710 Navigator
0x20014DCD 0x20014DCD Nokia 6720 classic
0x2001DE9A 0x2001DE9A Nokia 6730 Classic (RM-547)
0x2001DE97 0x2001DE97 Nokia 6730 Classic (RM-566)
0x200227E2 0x200227E2 Nokia 6760 slide
0x200227E6 0x200227E6 Nokia 6788 & Nokia 6788i
0x200227E3 0x200227E3 Nokia 6790 slide
0x2001DE98 0x2001DE98 Nokia 6790 Surge
0x20024107 0x20024107 Nokia C5-00
0x2003555E 0x2003555E Nokia C5-00.2
0x2003555F 0x2003555F Nokia C5-00.3
0x20029A75 0x20029A75 Nokia C5-01
0x20024100 0x20024100 Nokia E5-00
0x20014DCC 0x20014DCC Nokia E52
0x20014DCF 0x20014DCF Nokia E55
0x20014DD8 0x20014DD8 Nokia E71x (AT&T)
0x20014DD0 0x20014DD0 Nokia E72
0x20029A6D 0x20029A6D Nokia E73 Mode
0x2000249D 0x2000249D Nokia E75
0x200025C2 0x200025C2 Nokia E75 US+LTA variant
0x20002D81 0x20002D81 Nokia N78
0x2000DA64 0x2000DA64 Nokia N79
0x20002D86 0x20002D86 Nokia N85
0x20014DD2 0x20014DD2 Nokia N86 8MP
0x20002D82 0x20002D82 Nokia N96 & N96-3
0x20029A76 0x20029A76 Nokia X5-00
0x20024101 0x20024101 Nokia X5-01
0x2000C51F 0x2000C51F Samsung GT-I7110
0x2000C51E 0x2000C51E Samsung I8510 (Innov8)
0x2000A679 0x2000A679 Samsung SGH-L870 & SGH-I590 [11]

S60 5th Edition

Product ID Machine UID Device
0x20024104 Nokia 5228 (5232 / 5233) (RM-625)
0x20023763 Nokia 5230 & Nokia 5235 Comes With Music Edition (RM-588)
0x20023764 Nokia 5230 & Nokia 5235 Comes With Music Edition (RM-594)
0x20024105 Nokia 5230 & Nokia 5235 Comes With Music Edition (RM-629)
0x2002376B Nokia 5230 Nuron
0x2002376B 0x2001DE9D Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
0x2002376B 0x2001DE9E Nokia 5530 XpressMusic (china)
0x2002BF93 Nokia 5250
0x2000DA56 Nokia 5800 XM
0x2002C12F Nokia C5-03
Nokia C5-05
Nokia C5-06
0x2002C130 Nokia C5-04(RM-720)
0x2002BF91 Nokia C6-00 (RM-612)
0x20014DDD Nokia N97 (RM-505, RM-507)
0x20014DDE Nokia N97 (RM-506)
0x20023766 Nokia N97 mini
0x200227DD Nokia X6-00 (RM-559 Global variant.)
0x200227DE Nokia X6-00 (RM-551 LTA variant.)
0x200227DF Nokia X6-00 (RM-552 China variant.)
 ? 0x2000c520 Samsung GT-i8910 [12]
 ? 0x2001F0A1 Sony Ericsson Satio U1 (IDOU)
 ? 0x20024EEC Sony Ericsson Vivaz U5
 ? 0x20024EED Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro U8


Product ID Machine UID Device
0x2002376A Nokia C6-01
0x2002BF92 Nokia C7-00
0x2002BF96 Nokia E7-00
0x20029A73 Nokia N8 (RM-596)
0x20035563 0x20029A6F Nokia X7-00 (RM-707)
0x20023767 Nokia E6-00 (RM-609)
0x20029A72 Vertu Constellation T
0x20035560 Nokia Oro (RM-749)
0x20035566 Nokia 500
0x20035565 Nokia 603
0x2002C12C Nokia 700
0x2002BF94 Nokia 701
0x2003AB64 Nokia 808

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