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This article provides links to SIS files published along the time by Nokia Developer

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File Package UID Expiration date Comments
File:Xmldatabinding v1 0 en MR2.zip 0x101F978E 02.01.2016 This SIS file is the installer for the XmlDataBinding.dll library, which is required to run code generated by the Nokia WSDL-to-C++ Wizard for S60 on S60 3rd Edition devices from Nokia.

This SIS file can be included in your application's installation package or delivered separately. The package UID (pUID) of the file is 0x101F978E. This UID should be used when embedding the sis file in your application's installation package.

Supported editions and feature packs

The XML Data Binding Library supports devices from Nokia based on the following editions and feature packs:

S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2. S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1. S60 3rd Edition.

File:Symbian Mobile TV plug in v1 0.zip 0x2000B54B 02.01.2016 The Nokia Mobile TV plug-in for Symbian provides developers of applications utilising the Nokia Mobile TV Headset DVB-H access to the Mobile Broadcast Service API for Handheld Terminals (JSR-272).

The plug-in provides a SIS file that adds the APIs to Symbian^3 devices and is designed to be packaged with the developers application. Full details on how to package the SIS file with a Java application are provided on the Mobile TV application packaging page of the Java Developer's Library.

File:Spy.zip  ?  ? Spy Application for Nokia 9200 Communicator Series devices.

The spy application can be used for scanning processes, threads and memory chunks. Threads can also be killed. Column titles from left to right are: TID = Thread ID, Pri = Priority, HS = Heap size, HU

File:CIA.zip  ?  ? Certificate Installation Application. Deploys Symbian B certificate to Nokia 7650, Nokia 36xx and Nokia 6600 first firmware versions.
File:CallAudioControl.zip 0x10207BD2 02.01.2016 Call Audio Control libraries from the S60 5.0 version of the SDK API Plug-in package.
File:Apsserver2.zip 0x200081CD 02.01.2016 Audio Proxy Server v2.43
File:VoIPAudioServicesAPI v2.4.0.zip 0x10207B9E 02.01.2016 Binaries for VoIP Audio Service API - expiration date refers to Symbian devices released pre-2008
23.11.2018 Binaries for VoIP Audio Service API - expiration date refers to Symbian devices released after 2008
File:Camera Wrapper.sis 0x2001EC5F 02.01.2016 Advanced camera settings wrapper
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