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What Is SMIL?
   * SMIL stands for Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
   * SMIL is pronounced "smile"
   * SMIL is a language for describing audiovisual presentations
   * SMIL is easy to learn and understand
   * SMIL is an HTML-like language
   * SMIL is written in XML
   * SMIL presentations can be written using a text-editor
   * SMIL is a W3C standard

What Can SMIL Do?

   * SMIL can be used to create Internet or Intranet presentations
   * SMIL can be used to create slide-show presentations
   * SMIL has been described as the Internet answer to PowerPoint
   * SMIL presentations can display multiple file types (text, video, audio...)
   * SMIL presentations can display multiple files at the same time
   * SMIL presentations can display files from multiple web servers
   * SMIL presentations can contain links to other SMIL presentations
   * SMIL presentations can contain control buttons (stop, start, next, ...)
   * SMIL has functions for defining sequences and duration of elements
   * SMIL has functions for defining position and visibility of elements

SMIL Files

A SMIL file contains all the information necessary to describe a multimedia presentation.

SMIL files are stored with the file extension *.smil

A SMIL file contains the following:

   * The layout of the presentation
   * The timeline of the presentation
   * The source of the multimedia elements
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