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SVG profiles are subsets of SVG specification. It is usually because limitations of target devices where the SVG is used.

For mobile devices there are following profiles:

    • SVG Tiny (SVGT) or SVG Tiny 1.1
    SVG Tiny does not support gradients, transparency, clipping, masks,
    symbols,or SVG filter effects.
    • SVG Tiny 1.1 plus :-
    SVG Tiny 1.1 Plus includes the ability to display gradients and 
    transparency, but does not support clipping, masks, symbols, or SVG filter
    • SVG Tiny 1.2 or SVG Basic (SVGB)
    SVG Basic does not support nonrectangular clipping or some SVG filter 

External links:

http://www.w3.org/TR/SVGMobile/ -- Difference between SVGT and SVGB

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