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This sandbox lists articles that may need review or updating. For WP and Java articles see:

The remaining lists are for other runtimes


Articles using Template:UnderConstruction

Articles that have been Template:UnderConstruction for over a month should be chased up. Note, this list depends on Template:UnderConstruction.dpl.

Article Timestamp

Articles in DRAFT

Articles that have been in draft for over a month should be chased up These articles potentially may need to be reviewed to see if the tagging is appropriate - older articles may need to be deleted.

Articles which use Template:NeedsMoreWork

Articles that have been Template:NeedsMoreWork for over a month should be chased up

Article Timestamp User Reason
Compile and run Qt application for Maemo - - -
Java domínios de segurança 20111014003336 lpvalente A tradução parece que foi feita com uma ferramenta de tradução automática. O artigo precisa ser reescrito. Lang-Portuguese
How to create project in Carbide.c++ for the s60 - - -
SDK and Carbide.c++ installation guide 20110613041239 hamishwillee - -
Mobile Design Pattern: Tab in Browser 20110613041305 hamishwillee Insufficient information -
Issue with SVG icon display on 3rd edition - - -
How to load google ads in widget 20121010052948 hamishwillee The article is incomplete and does not include enough information for developers to create a full solution. -
Extract any text which appears on the screen - - -
AIF Builder - - -
Reading Unicode files in JavaME - - -
Comparing memory management on Symbian and Maemo Platforms - - -
Mobile Design Pattern: Search In Mobile - - -
Sandbox/Hamishwillee/WikiTests/InformationBoxes - - -
How to install Bluetooth Driver for S60v3rd SDK - - -
Setting Item List panics - - -
Nokia E90 Keyboard Scan Codes - - -
Fundamental Types in symbian 20110613041153 hamishwillee - -
Using Bluetooth with S60 and Maemo Platforms - - -
Makefile - - -
Sending VCal using RsendAsMessage - - -
Comparing application localization on S60 and Maemo Platforms - - -
Midlet installation and files created - - -

Articles which use ArticleNeedsUpdate template

Article Type Timestamp User Reason
Qt Mobility Usage Scenario: The mSense middleware  update   20110413053306    -    Uses Mobile Extensions which are deprecated. Would be better to use Qt Mobility APIs. Also needs retesting against Qt SDK as older toolchain no longer supplied. 
应用开发 S60 3rd Edition  update   20110907033809   hamishwillee    Article is out of date:
  • Incorrect links for Symbian Signed
  • Many broken links to defunct pages on this site (fixed some, but all should be checked)
  • Toolchain has changed and part of this is now incorrect. For example, no need to mention codewarrior. Carbide.c++ now only comes in one version so no need to mention the express or professional variants. Also Carbide.vs has been discontinued so should not be mentioned. 
Symbian Signed (Chinese)  update   20110907064637   hamishwillee    Symbian Signed options have changed. In particular
  • DevCertRequest is no longer used to get DevCerts,
  • Open Signed is no longer a program name
    • Open Signed Online has been discontinued as it is not needed (anyone can get devcerts through site)
    • Open Signed Offline term no longer used - we just have Developer Certificates downloaded from site. 
Qt for Symbian应用开发流程  update   20120216032933   hamishwillee    Article is very out of date. Carbide.c++ no longer used for Qt development. Should refer to Qt SDK 
在Qt S60中使用QtMobility做开发  update   20111121042840   hamishwillee    Qt Mobility is now delivered with the Qt SDK. This is probably largely accurate but needs a review. 
Using AT commands to send and read SMS  update   20130620014509   hamishwillee    This is a very old article which explains ow to send AT commands. However it does not cover what devices where it is known to work. These need to be specified so that it is possible to respond to questions at the end. 
Using Nokia SDKs and Tools on Windows Vista  update   20120820004835   hamishwillee    bcdedit is mentioned once but not explained - can possibly get information from here: Archived:Possible workarounds to Emulator startup issues on Vista in S60 3rd Edition
Qt Symbian 开发环境安装  update   20111212064928   hamishwillee    This refers to old toolchain including Carbide.c++. It should be updated to one using Qt SDK or deleted. 
Guidelines for Mobile Interface Design  update   20120509043652   hamishwillee    This needs significant update in order to include and focus on the more modern interface guidelines for touch screen devices. 
Qt for symbian 开发环境安装  update   20111128034157   hamishwillee    This uses superceded Nokia Qt SDK. Should be updated to at least current Qt SDK v1.1.4 (at time of writing). 
Qt & Application Signing/zh-hans  update   20110902013436   hamishwillee    Please (partially) re-translate Qt & Application Signing to include changes since last revision before 20110902. At high level the changes are:
  • Developer Certificates are now granted to both individuals and companies through the site - as a result Open Signed Online is no longer need and has been discontinued.
  • Open Signed Offline and Open Signed Online are no longer used to describe process for getting DevCerts. Instead instructions on how to get a devcert are given in the user guide: User guide: Symbian Signed.
  • User guide: Symbian Signed is now a high level important document
  • Symbian Signed is no longer run through Symbian Foundation

Note, I have made some of the needed changes, simply deleting links to Open Signed Offline/Online references. I am not certain that the text still makes sense in Chinese.

Using jQuery Mobile in Nokia Asha Web Apps  update   20120911012313   hamishwillee    This code does not run in Cloud Preview due to unsupported elements in JQuery (e.g. data_role does not work). It should be updated to use supported elements. 
Using Carbide.c++/ru  update   20110825043236   hamishwillee    The original text is based on a Symbian Press booklet and was updated for the v2.0.4 release. Carbide.c++ is now at v3.2 (or later) so this article is due a review and possible refresh.  
OVI Certificates  update   20120418200759   lpvalente    This article contains current information as of 2010. 
Ovi Developer - Getting Started  update   20111012031620   hamishwillee    This article was written prior to information becoming available on the static site. Arguably the material in the Nokia Store guidelines and other documents linked from Category:Nokia Store replaces this. It should be reviewed and updated in line with current information or deleted.  
Complete Guide To Symbian Signed/zh-hans  update   20110902013436   hamishwillee    Please (partially) re-translate the Complete Guide To Symbian Signed to include changes since last revision before 20110902. At high level the changes are:
  • Developer Certificates are now granted to both individuals and companies through the site - as a result Open Signed Online is no longer need and has been discontinued.
  • Open Signed Offline and Open Signed Online are no longer used to describe process for getting DevCerts. Instead instructions on how to get a devcert are given in the user guide: User guide: Symbian Signed.
  • User guide: Symbian Signed is now a high level important document
  • Symbian Signed is no longer run through Symbian Foundation

Note, I have removed offending links below, but can't be sure that it all still makes sense in Chinese.

Qt Mobility 在Symbian平台的安装  update   20111213025604   hamishwillee    Qt Mobility is included in Qt SDK so no separate installation required. Should be reviewed, and if confirmed that this is not accurate for current Qt versions this should be deleted. 
How do I start programming for Symbian OS?  update   20110510013559   hamishwillee    This covers some of the key resources of interest, but is very out of date and not particularly well written. It needs to be restructured to be a much thinner document that references Qt, Symbian C++ and Python. It should where possible point to the libraries in each. I would split out all the Symbian C++ stuff into Getting Started with Symbian C++ or similar. That should reference Fundamentals of Symbian C++ book which is a great online resource, tutorial Symbian C++ Hello World and Going Beyond Hello - A Tutorial for Symbian C++ Applications 
S60入门基础  update   20110510044256   hamishwillee    This article was written in 2007. A lot has happened in that time - Carbide is quite a few revisions older an no longer branded using Express/Professional. The main development framework for Symbian is Qt, not Symbian C++.
In summary, while this was a good article a number of years ago, it needs a thorough update in order to be accurate now. Note, I have commented out references to Symbian Developer Network and as both of these are closed. 
不通过Qt Mobility操纵Symbian设备的相机  update   20111213024922   hamishwillee    Article is out of date and requires either an update or to be deleted (specifically, I believe that the limitations presented are not present in the current version of Qt. 
Qt for S60使用入门  update   20111213055304   hamishwillee    Article out of date. Either update to reflect new SDKs and using QML or delete. 
CBC模式下的数据加密和解密  update   20110510060728   hamishwillee    SymbianCryptographyLibrary appears to be unavailable. Needs to be found, or if no longer needed this article needs to be deleted. 
Blocks game Series 40 Web App  update   20120911012313   hamishwillee    This awesome app code does not run in Cloud Preview due to unsupported CSS2 position property. It should be updated to use supported elements. 
Carbide.c++(日本語)  update       -    Carbide is no longer branded into separate editions for developer OEM etc, and has been updated to version 3.2. There is also no further interest in CodeWarrior, and that information could be removed) 
Haptics effects in Qt  update   20120302052433   hamishwillee    Qt Quick should be used to demonstrate this API - UI development on mobile devices using Qt C++ is deprecated. 
迁移到Carbide.c++  update   20111018032422   hamishwillee    This article was written at a time when Carbide was being introduced and the aim was still to migrate developers to Carbide. Now days we're trying to migrate them to Qt Creator in most cases. Since then Carbide branding has significantly changed. Many of the links are now broken. I think this could be re-written as a much simpler document and reflecting the current carbide 3.0+ 
Carbide.c++ Professional (RU)  update       -    Carbide branding has simplified and it is likely that this is out of date. Should probably delete and simply point to the information on  
Ferramentas Symbian C++  update   20120211195745   lpvalente    Esta lista de ferramentas está bastante desatualizada. 
Communicating with Arduino  update   20111028055822   hamishwillee    This article is incomplete. It has links to a book that don't work, and is littered with poor English and placeholders for future work. Can we please get it updated to have links, remove all the placeholders (and spurious multiple exclamation marks)? The technology does look interesting, if there is a cool real world example of interfacing with Phones. 
中文 Symbian论坛和新闻组  update   20110510055553   hamishwillee    Lots has changed since 2007. The article this was translated from Symbian discussion forums and newsgroups and this both need to be updated significantly 
Carbide.c++ On-device Debugging Quick Start  update   20110825041659   hamishwillee    Article needs to be updated to latest version of Carbide.c++ - currently article mentions ADT rather than pointing to Symbian C++ tools area on Nokia Developer. This corresponds to Carbide 2.0 (approximately) but need to confirm that it is still correct for latest carbide (3.0+) 
Developing Google Reader client for Series 40 with Web Tools  update   20120911012237   hamishwillee    This code does not run in Cloud Preview due to unsupported elements in JQuery (e.g. data_role does not work). It should be updated to use supported elements. 
Developing a 2D game in Java ME - Part 7  update   20130618055116   hamishwillee    Original comment by r2j7 in Sept 2008 still valid - server side implementation required. On 20130618 Mishrapk12 - posted that the pads are not moving in SDK1.0 nor sdk 2.0  
Read and send SMS messages using the Qt Messaging API  update   20120216034336   hamishwillee    Usage of Qt Mobility API is through QWidget app framework. Should be updated to be accessed through Qt Quick. 
Ovi地图JavaME Location API开发介绍  update   20130618050032   hamishwillee    Very out of date - the location API is now part of the SDK and has been through a number of revisions. 
Qt overview  update   20121113032513   hamishwillee    The article reflects (largely) the state of Qt in Qt 4.4 when Nokia first acquired Qt. Qt is now at Qt 4.8 on Symbian and MeeGo Harmattan devices. Qt is now an open source project, where most of the development team been acquired by Digia - it is further being developed (at time of writing to Qt 5). It is licensed via LPGL. The main UI framework is a declarative language and tools called Qt Quick (QML) rather than C++ widgets as stated here.
This article should be updated to reflect the current state of Qt on Symbian/MeeGo Harmattan devices (as that is relevant to Nokia). It should cover the Qt Mobility project and Qt Quick. It then should link to the Qt project and digia for ongoing Qt development. 
Qt (Português)  update   20130602211043   lpvalente    O texto está desatualizado. 
Знакомство с С-классами  update   20110510075922   hamishwillee    I've removed all the links to the now removed site. These should be updated with links to this site - note that much of the content was migrated, as discussed in Symbian Foundation Content Migration Project but its easier for a native Russian speaker to integrate it. 
Developing a 2D game in Java ME - Part 6  update       -     Image capture code doesn't work on Nokia Asha 305. 
Começando a programar para dispositivos móveis  update   20130929150652   lpvalente (talk  O texto não contém referências para as plataformas atuais usadas em aparelhos Nokia 
Open Signed Offline (Symbian Signed) zh-hans  update   20111114024911   hamishwillee    "open signed offline branding no longer used. Developer Certificates can now be obtained from any SS login for a number of phones, or you can certify the SS account to get access on more. This needs to be aligned with SS branding from the user guide and category page. 
Hybrid Application Generator  update   20110815061452   hamishwillee    Would be useful to reverify with Nokia Web Tools as these have superseded Aptana. Also worth verifying that the project wiill work with latest versions of Qt 
Qt中访问公共的桌面服务  update   20111021055421   hamishwillee    This was written when Qt was in pre-release (garden). It needs to be verified against current releases and the links (now broken) need to be updated to the right place. 
Integrating Inneractive advertising in a LWUIT application  update   20131122002836   hamishwillee (talk  Inneractive now work with Nokia developers directly. This article needs to be retested. All references to NAX should be removed as part of testing/update. 
Using Qt Creator with Symbian  update   20110825070029   hamishwillee    These instructions are against an old version of Qt "The Nokia Qt SDK 1.0". It needs a review agaisnt the "Qt SDK 1.1.4" (five new versions on). It also appears to assume you're managing multiple SDKs or possibly using Qt creator over the top of a Symbian SDK. That is no longer enabled. 
Publishing to Ovi Store FAQ  update   20111017014807   hamishwillee    This is extremely out of date. The official FAQ is more accurate. 
Qt Mobility API Basic Examples Part 1  update   20110413014620    -    Article needs to be verified against the Qt SDK and Qt Creator and then updated. It was previously tested using the Qt for Symbian platform SDK which is no longer supplied, and Carbide.c++ which doesn't work with the Qt SDK. 
Java Application Descriptor (JAD) essentials  update   20130327010821   hamishwillee    This article should be merged with articles containing similar material: JAD, JAR, Java Application Descriptor (JAD) essentials, MIDlet JAR Manifest essentials 
如何创建Maemo应用程序  update   20111021025326   hamishwillee    I've just disabled or fixed 9 broken links. This indicates that the subject matter covered by the library is changing quickly, and this probably needs a thorough investigation to see if it is still valid. 
How to use QDir in Qt  update   20120209031850   hamishwillee    The article uses QDir, which is reasonable, but in the context of a QWidget example, which is not. This should be modified to show QDir in the context of a Qt Quick application or to remove the UI framework around the use of the QDir code. 
Symbian Signed For Testing Your Application/zh-hans  update   20110902013436   hamishwillee    Please re-translate Symbian Signed For Testing Your Application. At high level the changes are:
  • Developer Certificates are now granted to both individuals and companies through the site - as a result Open Signed Online is no longer needed and has been discontinued.
  • Open Signed Offline is no longer used as a term - instead instructions on how to get a devcert are given in the user guide: User guide: Symbian Signed.

Note: Some rough changes made below, but these need to be checked by native speaker (or even better full retranslation).

Locate Map Center Via Inputting Latitude and Longtitude  update   20130409060018   hamishwillee    Content in this article is already covered in HERE Maps API - Add Maps To Any Web Page and HERE Maps API - How to pan the map. It is also documented on the JavaScript Explorer at: Strongly recommend deletion unless material can be updated and made in some way "unique". Pending response from developer 
Guidelines for Mobile Advertising  update   20120509042224   hamishwillee    Nokia platforms now have support for In-App Advertising. Information about the APIs and approaches used needs to be incorporated into this document. 
Como descobrir o total de memória do celular com Java ME  update   20130630124508   lpvalente    O artigo fala sobre uma versão antiga do Symbian, mas não fala sobre as plataformas atuais, como Asha 
Creating CustomItem in Java ME  update   20120810095816   trashedDev    The full potential of this article isn't available on full-touch devices since this article needs to have a physical number pad. 
How to guide for creating/signing sis files  update   20111129032102   hamishwillee    The article content is useful and accurate. However there are heaps of articles on the wiki with the same topic, some that also cover using the IDE, carbide, Qt Creator, using devcerts, using local certificates, using createsis. I think this needs to be merged with the others.  
Como criptografar um texto usando QCryptographicHash, em Qt  update   20120215095903   hamishwillee    Example uses QCryptographicHash in a QWidget app framework. As QWidget is deprecated, should be updated to just show the use of the cryptographic hash.  
Qt для S60  update   20110531054307   hamishwillee    This is out of date - points to legacy site peppertroll and has a lot of bad links.  
How to create a Symbian application icon (SVG)  update   20120608   ltomuta    Bad. Bad. Bad. Especially the parts about using raster images "converted" to SVG instead of tracing them. 
Carbide.c++ FAQ  update   20110630063808   hamishwillee    This was written in 2009 in Carbide.c++ v2.0 timeframes. I've updated it with links to latest version (3.2) and fixed broken links. However it probably needs more detailed update. The official page may contains some of the required information. 
Creating a signal to slot connection in Qt Designer  update   20110415063258   hamishwillee    
  • English is poor.
  • Links need to be checked
  • Most of this may be out of date with current Qt SDK - needs to be checked, 
Getting started with PyQt for Maemo  update   20110428234954   hamishwillee    The instructions have not been tested for some time and are unlikely to be correct in terms of installation and SDK. It would also be useful to have similar instructions for PySide, the alternative (and better licensed) Python on Qt Binding. 
VoIP приложения  update   20110823063446   hamishwillee    Article lists a number of VoIP applications at the time it was written (2007). Either the article should be updated with more current VoIP applications (perhaps links to Ovi store) or it should be deleted. 
Como desenvolver uma aplicação para Series 40  update   20130707123010   lpvalente (talk  O artigo está desatualizado 
Capabilities  update   20120131051930   hamishwillee    This update should be merged with, and redirected to, the official capabilities topic: Capabilities (Symbian Signed) 
How to take snapshot in Qt  update   20120217041058   hamishwillee    Example is hosted within framework of deprecated QWidget based UI. Would be good to modify to a Qt Quick app 
JAD  update   20130327010849   hamishwillee    This article should be merged with articles containing similar material: JAD, JAR, Java Application Descriptor (JAD) essentials, MIDlet JAR Manifest essentials 
Create your first WRT widget using an IDE  update   20110815055345   hamishwillee    This is based on Aptana IDE, which has been superseded by Nokia Web Tools. This is a useful topic but should be updated to use recommended tools. 
Using Qt environment macros to differentiate platforms  update   20110901053423   hamishwillee    Article is accurate but should be extended to include newer Qt Environment macros (including Q_WS_MAEMO_6, Q_WS_MEEGO etc.) 
Signed to Either Operator or Manufacturer Domain  update   20120719065237   hamishwillee    Moderators note:- There is a need for cross reference and citation for example to the article How to get IMEI in Java ME and therefore this text could have been better by being added to the original article. - added to template by HamishW 
Model-View-Controller application architecture  update   20130816064609   hamishwillee (talk  Overlap with MVC in Java ME - the articles should be merged. 
动态装入并初始化Qt插件  update   20110815045948   hamishwillee    Article referred to old Qt 4.5 releases - including "Garden". I've deleted obvious incorrect links, but still needs to be reviewed by native speaker who is also Qt expert. For example, we no longer use emulator or SDKs that work on top of Symbian SDKs, instead we use the Qt SDK 
Introduction to Lightweight User Interface Toolkit  update   20120705071313   hamishwillee    LWUIT now "properly" supported on Series 40 - see article needs to be updated in line with this - and possible all content removed except pointer to current LWUIT resources. 
使用CTelephony获取网络名  update   20111221053339   hamishwillee    Needs to be merged with near-duplicate topic 从CTelephony获取网络名 
Advanced Package File Options  update   20120130051514   hamishwillee    I don't see any value of this article over the content in the Developer library. Propose this simply links to the developer library, or is deleted. 
Big Picture : S60 and Symbian C++ Learning Path  update   20110511011158   hamishwillee    Many of the links were to, now defunct. Links have been "disabled" but need to be relinked to the appropriate reference in the Also as this is several years old, it should probably be updated with new links. 
How to show Table layout data in a MIDP Form  update   20120711062857   hamishwillee    There is a warning from Infomedica in comments (reproduced below) which shows that this layout has problems on some devices. This needs to be checked and this article either updated with a warning or a workaround.
The comment from Infomedica was "It should be noted that as of July 2011 the current version of netbeans's TableItem control has some serious difficulties in order to be properly rendered on S60 series. There is a number of posts on forums that can be googled - but no solution yet... The problems concerns in majority larger tables which have height grater than the screen. At least on Nokias E52 it does not scroll down till the end of the table." 
Threaded Conversation View Design  update   20120508053806   hamishwillee    The threaded/non-threaded images below aren't very good - they show only a view with messages associated with a particular user. A good image would be the conversation view on a phone where sent/received messages are displayed adjacent to each other, in order. Alternatively, a facebook view. 
How to vibrate phones from Java ME  update   20130911022339   hamishwillee (talk  I recommend the relevant parts of this article be merged into Controlling vibra settings in Java ME - specifically the MDP1.0 information. This article should then be deleted/redirected to the other article.  
如何在WRT widget应用中使用折叠控件(Accordion)  update   20111020001946   hamishwillee    Duplicate of Web Runtime WidgetでAccordionを使用する方法. Articles should be merged. 
从CTelephony获取网络名  update   20111221053333   hamishwillee    Needs to be merged with near-duplicate topic 使用CTelephony获取网络名 
Controlling vibra settings in Java ME  update       -     Code doesn't seem to work on Nokia 701 or Nokia Asha 305 
Get device information using Qt  update   20120216001627   hamishwillee    The article explains the supported generic Qt Mobility API, but provides example/code snippets using deprecated QWidget UI. This example should be updated to not use QWidget. 
Device independent layout for QML  update   20120221225529   hamishwillee    Article provides only part of the layout/scalability/orientation story. Suggest it should be extended to include additional information from the linked SeeAlso section. I've also added some Comments in the talk page below. 
MiB With Inneractive  update   20131122002952   hamishwillee (talk  Inneractive now work with Nokia developers directly. This article needs to be retested. All references to NAX should be removed as part of testing/update. 
Installing Qt Mobility in Qt SDK on Windows (former Qt desktop SDK)  update   20121107060329   hamishwillee    I believe the latest Qt SDK includes Qt Mobility, and that there is no separate "Qt for desktop" SDK. This article needs to be either updated or deleted if this can be confirmed. 
Image usability design guidelines  update   20120508024911   hamishwillee    Content is ok but images/examples are outdated. Should be updated to use Nokia Belle or Windows Phone examples. 
How to send a jar file from a Java ME app using Bluetooth  update   20120831010912   hamishwillee    The attached zip file with source is corrupted. Needs to be recreated. 
How to hide your application from running tasks list, and how to hide the round circle over your running application icon  update   20120802015302   hamishwillee    This article duplicates information in Hiding an app from the task list on Symbian, How to Hide Application from User Menu, Keeping a Symbian application running in the background on exit. It should be redirected to those, but first should check whether any of the information here is useful and should be included in those documents. 
Creating and loading custom fonts in Symbian  update   20120125023645   hamishwillee    The article is slightly confusing and out of date.
  • its not clear what the differences are between 2nd and 3rd edition - perhaps the first section is for 2nd edition ... who knows!
  • This creates and uses gdr files. Symbian can use open font files from v9 - ie monotype or ttf depending on plugin support and you'd author those in their own native tools
  • the second example (3rd edition) looks like it is loading a system font - how is this a custom font?
  • the second example should explain what it is trying to do with the custom font
I think this should clarify the above points and also explain the difference between a custom and system fonts on both platforms  
Using Carbide.c++  update   20110825043236   hamishwillee    The original text is based on a Symbian Press booklet and was updated for the v2.0.4 release. Carbide.c++ is now at v3.2 (or later) so this article is due a review and possible refresh. 
How to create OMA DRM v1.0 content  update   20110909003023   hamishwillee    The Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit has been archived. This leads me to think that perhaps the article is either out of date or less relevant. Should it be archived. Is there are better document to point to? 
How to play multiple sound fx in Java ME  update   20120928043825   hamishwillee    An article with relatively complicated code like this should deliver the sound manager in an assembly, along with test code. Ideally it should also state what platforms it has been tested on, and also provide links to other Sound managers, and explanation of why it is better. 
Bondi Widget porting example - devicestatus API  update   20110601063634   hamishwillee    The article is dependent on a wgt package from Bondi that is no longer available (Charge.wgt) because the site has merged with another. If anyone can find the linked package this header can be removed. 
JAR  update   20130327011019   hamishwillee    This article should be merged with articles containing similar material: JAD, JAR, Java Application Descriptor (JAD) essentials, MIDlet JAR Manifest essentials 
How to port Bondi Widgets to Symbian Web Runtime  update   20111013010421   hamishwillee    The Bondi site no longer exists - links to it have broken. It appears that Bondi may have been merged into WAC SDK however I can't find a clear explanation. This article therefore out of date and should either be deleted or updated to reflect the new API and state of Bondi. This will require some expert help. 
Fundamentals of Symbian C++/Tool Chain  update   20110824080411   hamishwillee    The article is still useful and fairly up to date. However it has broken links to the toolchain "Raptor". This information needs to be expanded because abld is now deprecated. 
Symbian C++ Development Tools Overview  update   20111123024710   hamishwillee    This contains lots of older toolchain tools. Needs to be updated to reflect SBSv2 (raptor) and identify the SBSv1 toosl. Should also add mention of Qt/Qt creator for cross development framework development 
Eliminating Memory Leaks in Symbian C++ Code  update   20110825054651   hamishwillee    Article is still of lots of value. However the instructions for debugging may not work on current IDEs and need to be updated. Certainly hooklogger provides easier mechanisms for finding bad cells on the Emulator ... and I understand that there are new memory tracking tools for analysing leaks, and these need to be mentioned too. 
Ovi Services  update   20111012031219   hamishwillee    This article is out of date with respect to services available and current branding (see and static site for more information). It should either be updated or deleted. If it is updated, more comprehensive information should be provided about the services 
How to play video streaming in Java ME  update   20130729105012   hamishwillee (talk  There are many reported errors in the comments.  
MIDlet JAR Manifest essentials  update   20130327010829   hamishwillee    This article should be merged with articles containing similar material: JAD, JAR, Java Application Descriptor (JAD) essentials, MIDlet JAR Manifest essentials 
Internationalization for JavaME  update   20130723064644   hamishwillee (talk  Name doesn't match content, and in any case this is extremely minimal "article". Suggest this can probably be removed, or renamed "How to get the current locale" 
Generic Connection Framework (GCF) in Java ME.  update   20111122043936   hamishwillee    Article doesn't appear to have been fully reviewed. Needs to be checked by technical expert. Formatting of code samples needs to be improved. 
Symbian C++ Hello World  update   20110825022158   hamishwillee    Need to verify images and instructions for current version of carbide - this was done for version in ADT and a lot has moved on since then. Fundamentally the article should be OK though, so this is a minor change 
Bondi Widget porting example - standard Javascript  update   20111128024827   hamishwillee    The test widget package on which this depends is no longer available (/ This needs to be relocated or the article needs to be updated to work off a new base widget.  
Delete messages using Qt Mobility API  update   20120216000648   hamishwillee    This is outdated example and may not compile with new sdks; see this for new examples Qt Mobility API Basic Examples Part 1. Note also that the article has some Symbian specific guidance and has been tested on Symbian, but should work on all platforms.) The article uses the QWidget UI - it should be updated to use Qt Quick. 
JSR 135  update   20130816064916   hamishwillee (talk  Article not really to wiki standards in terms of content and layout. Happy enough to have a quality overview, but would prefer this linked to other definition information elsewhere, with only very high level information here. 
How to install new themes in the S60 3rd Edition emulator  update   20121117213738   lpvalente     The information in this TS needs to be updated, it does not reflect the info from TSS000614 - SIS installation on the S60 3rd Edition emulator -- ltomuta  
No more portings-designing scalable games  update   20120809052623   hamishwillee    The article suggests a pattern for allowing you to determine at runtime what code to run, allowing a single JAR to support multiple device configurations. However it is not very clearly described. If this has value it needs to be described better. Ideally with links to other documents on this pattern, and other patterns which can be used to achieve similar results. Title needs to be better too. Something similar to this is covered in Creating a Map Type Selector for the Maps API for Java ME does something similar by detecting the presence of a particular class needed. 
Another Prototype Java ME payment API using HTTP  update   20110826001515   hamishwillee    JSR-229 is not supported on Nokia phones. It is not clear whether this payment API would work and whether there are alternatives on Nokia platforms now. I'm not an expert on Java ME though, so if a java me expert could comment on an appropriate title for the article and whether the code is "good", that would be helpful we can update this article appropriately 
How to find out the total memory in Java ME  update   20130630123741   lpvalente    The article discusses previous Symbian editions, but does not discusses current Asha platforms 
Bondi Widget porting example - geolocation API  update   20110601063854   hamishwillee    The article is dependent on a wgt package from Bondi that is no longer available (geo.wgt) because the site has merged with another. If anyone can find the linked package this header can be removed. 
Different application caption strings  update   20120130060510   hamishwillee    The article only explains 2 of the captions strings. Presumably it omits the PKG file string which is used by the installer. This article also refers to aif file, and should be updated to refer to the S60 3rd Edition resource file name (I believe the behaviour is the same other than the file name) 
How to create ChoiceGroup in LCDUI  update   20120927060302   hamishwillee    The article has no explanation of what it does other than the heading. It should be extended to state the type of choice group created, display and image and link to reference documentation. It should perhaps be merged with Choice group 
A Error of Nokia Web Tools 1.2.1  update   20111019045650   hamishwillee    Useful information if true. Best to raise a defect in the bug system. As is this is not particularly sufficient - should link to SDK in the ArticleMetaData. 
Carbide.c++ UI Designer  update   20110825044938   hamishwillee    Article is missing images. It needs to be reviewed for accuracy.  
Timer correction on Nokia devices (Known Issue)  update   20120820003810   hamishwillee    Perhaps could be extended with a reference to RChangeNotifier and a warning about RTimer/User::At-s completing prematurely. 
Symbian: playing with fonts  update   20120927055235   hamishwillee    The article has no explanation or links to official documentation. It should be extended minimally to link to reference documentation for Symbian C++ and also have a brief explanation of the code. 
Getting Started with On-Device Debugging using Carbide.c++  update   20111020013939   hamishwillee    Carbide.c++ debugging has significantly improved from v3. This article points to out of date references and broken links. It also refers to old professional/OEM/express branding. Merge with Carbide.c++ On-device Debugging Quick Start 
Requesting extended capabilities set for Developer Certificates  update   20111123033359   hamishwillee    The process if now completely different - devcerts are requested by specifying IMEIs etc through the site and access to more powerful capabilities is granted by verifying your account. This article is therefore completely incorrect and needs to be updated or deleted. 
Using bitmaps with Symbian and Maemo Platforms  update   20111117024742   hamishwillee    Article incomplete - the description of MeeGo has no comments, and the explanation for Symbian is empty. Also Qt is the application development framework for both platforms, and this should also be demonstrated. 
Overview of Terms and Conditions of Ovi Publishing for Individual developers  update   20111012032020   hamishwillee    This article pre-dates much of the static site content. It should be reviewed against the current information in the static site and either updated or deleted. I do believe there is a place for an overview like this if the terms and conditions are fairly complicated. 
Properties in Qt and Symbian  update   20110415041404   hamishwillee    While it remains largely accurate it states that Qt doesn't allow update of properties through IPC. Now out of date due to introduction of Publish & Subscribe.  
Unit testing with JMUnit and NetBeans IDE  update   20130724005637   hamishwillee (talk  Instructions are not clear and it is not obvious what versions of Netbeans and JMUnit and what devices have been tested on. It is likely that this is very out of date. 
Sandbox/Hamishwillee/WikiTests/InformationBoxes  update   20110608051524   hamishwillee    There isn't a problem with this article, this is just a note for demostration 
Before you start (mobile web page development)  update   20110606005229   hamishwillee    This article was pointing to old templates and tools. I've updated to correct links (ie Nokia Web Tools) but the actual text should be retested in line with the new tools. 
How to get KeyCode , Screen Size & Device platform in Java ME ?  update   20120927060920   hamishwillee    This is a code dump, not an article. Explanation required of the key parts, and ideally a buildable example and links to associated reference material. 
Big Picture : Nokia Technology Platforms  update   20110627001322   hamishwillee    This omits MeeGo and Windows Phone as platforms, and Qt as a development framework 
Symbian discussion forums and newsgroups  update   20110510055247   hamishwillee    The article was written in 2007 and has not had a significant update since (except I've removed links to now defunct The resources need to be updated as they are very old, and probably this whole document should be merged into an "About Symbian C++" topic.  
Build Targets  update       -    Accurate prior to Symbian OS v9. Needs an up Symbian OS 9.x+ 
Which S60 SDK should I use?  update   20120208235136   hamishwillee    Article should add Symbian^3 SDK and also explain clearly that Qt/Qt Quick are recommended instead of Symbian C++ 
How to write unit test case using J2ME unit ?  update   20120927061138   hamishwillee    This is a code dump, not an article. Ideally this should have some explanation added along with a downloadable zip file example, and a link to reference material on J2ME unit. 

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