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This sandbox lists Windows Phone articles that may need review or updating. Please do not edit.

Also see Sandbox/Hamishwillee/Reports/Windows Phone Updates for articles that need to be reverified against later versions


Articles which use ArticleNeedsUpdate template

Article Type Timestamp User Reason
Jogging - Calorie Calculator: Demonstrating Real World usecase of WP8 features  update   20130503054239   hamishwillee    The article has reported errors. There is no working zip file which makes it hard to verify the code, and it is not documented sufficiently to understand the code without such a zip file. IMO this therefore does not meet wiki quality standards. If a buildable project cannot be provided it should be deleted. 
Getting started with Buddy services: Create your own location based social app  update   20131111221910   hamishwillee (talk  The Buddy API changed completely since this article was written and the online documentation does not seem to be up to date. The article needs to be updated to reflect the current API. Ideally the ArticleMetadata "dependencies" information should list the version of the API for which it is accurate. Note also that the Nokia Premium Developer Program has been replaced by Nokia Developer Offers, and the information about free service calls is no longer true. 
Implementing advert in Windows Phone app using Inneractive with CSharp  update   20131122002713   hamishwillee (talk  Inneractive now work with Nokia developers directly. This article has been partially updated to refer to Inneractive, but needs to be retested. All references to NAX should be removed as part of testing/update. 
Windows phone诊断工具  update   20130719040400   hamishwillee (talk  This tool only applies to Windows Phone 7.5. Original article has been updated.  
Anatomia de um Tile  update   20121130045022   hamishwillee    Tiles have changed a bit in Windows Phone 8 - this is only up to date to Windows Phone 7.5 
Implementando publicidade usando Nokia NAX em aplicações Windows Phone  update   20131122002836   hamishwillee (talk  Inneractive now work with Nokia developers directly. This article needs to be retested. All references to NAX should be removed as part of testing/update. 
Detecting and handling multi-touch events in Windows Phone 7 applications  update   20130530051254   hamishwillee    The article is incomplete. To make this useful you would need to describe what the application is supposed to do, why it is useful, provide links to any source references you learned to created it (e.g. on MSDN) and also any tricks/tips associated with using this code - ie what if you want to detect multi-touch events on a map control as opposed to over the top of some other control. That way not only can people easily use your code, but they can work out when the code is not so useful, and extend it to other use cases. Jerry (see comments) also found it inconsistent. 
MiB With Inneractive  update   20131122002952   hamishwillee (talk  Inneractive now work with Nokia developers directly. This article needs to be retested. All references to NAX should be removed as part of testing/update. 

Articles which use Template:NeedsMoreWork

Articles that have been Template:NeedsMoreWork for over a month should be chased up

Articles using Template:UnderConstruction

Articles that have been Template:UnderConstruction for over a month should be chased up. Note list depends on Template:UnderConstruction.dpl

Article Timestamp
How to use MVVM Light Toolkit for Windows Phone    
Editar efeitos da camara em tempo real no Windows Phone 7 e 8 20130912200853    20130507235054  Lang-Portuguese 
Creating a Timer, independent of System Time in Windows Phone    

Articles in DRAFT

Articles that have been in draft for over a month should be chased up. These articles potentially may need to be reviewed to see if the tagging is appropriate - older articles may need to be deleted.

Very small articles

This shows articles ordered by size. A very small article may have an issue. Note that articles with Templates Stub, UnderConstruction, NeedsMoreWork, Archived, or Category:Draft, FNWiki or Glossary are not shown.

Old Stubs

Should review old stubs and determine if they should exist or need to be removed.

== Older articles ==note th Articles below listed in order of oldest "major" edit first. This is an indicator that the article hasn't had a significant review for some time. To remove from the list, make a "major edit" of the article - perhaps addition of a reviewer checked marker or similar. Note that this does not display archived topics, FNWiki topics.


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