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While Windows Phone 8 is supposed to be backwards compatible with WP7.5, this does not always mean that an article that is true for Windows Phone 7.5 is also true for Windows Phone 8. For example, tiles have changed, as has the camera in WP8. In addition, many articles that have “WP7” in the title are actually also true for WP8.

So what we’ve done is added category “Windows Phone 7.5” to all current articles (except those dedicated to WP8). What we’d like authors to do is to go through their articles and:

  1. Add category “Windows Phone 8” if they are also true/accurate/complete for WP8
  2. Remove versions from the names if they aren’t specific – e.g. “How to send an SMS in Windows Phone 7” might become “How to send an SMS in Windows Phone”
  3. If you've written a WP8 article, confirm that it doesn't need "Windows Phone 7.5" category, and consider whether having "WP8 in the title is really needed".

Of course if authors do nothing, then the articles are correct for their version, and readers can assume that they are probably accurate for current version, but not necessarily complete or validated.

Can you help?

Windows Phone articles which state support for WP7 in title - for review

Need to check if these are actually WP8 too. If so, add category and also renamed to remove "7" from title.

Other Windows Phone 7.5 articles - should these be wp8?

Windows Phone topics without any version tag

Should be none - I added to all topics

WP8 in title - should this really be there?

... or should this be "generic". I think should just be "Windows Phone" unless the content really relates to a porting exercise to WP8 - ie if we move to WP9 then name would still be good.

WP8, but not WP7 category - look correct?


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